About me!

About me!


My name is Kira and I’m a PLP learner at Seycove. I will be including some photos I have edited and took in class to show more about my self.

This is my name in photos, it was hard to find interesting subjects that could create my name ( K is a letter in a sign, I is a Christmas light, R is a branch of a Christmas tree and A is from a book cover). After we took photos we had to a sort them into our name in keynote. Then we learned about adding shadows, borders, and reflections to make it more eye catching. Or realistic. Here is my finished result:

Then we had to create a personal collage about what’s on our mind or what we think about. Sometimes the most random things pop up in my head but I stuck with the more practical thoughts. When creating this we had to draw doodles to spice it up and add borders and reflections for a 3D effect. Also using our keynote skills we used instant alpha to make transparent backgrounds, and we also masked images into shapes. Here is how my collage turned out:

We ventured into keynote some more and learned about how to create a GIF. We learned about animations and transition between 2 slides. My sister was singing “I believe i can fly” so I decided to make a GIF with her flying in it. As I’m writing this I realize it might have been better to do a Live Photo and make it bounce between movements but I can’t do that anymore.

Here is my GIF:

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