A Fridge With Carrots..?

This project was about creating an object with the maximum surface area or volume. You could also choose to be with a partner or work alone! I chose to be with a partner and ended up with my friend hannah. Together we chose to create a fridge with the maximum surface area! Don’t ask why we made a fridge I am not so sure myself. 

The platform we used was called Tinkercad and it is an app and web browser. 

Now getting onto the process… yay!

To get warmed up to Tinkercad we were instructed to create a rectangle with the surface area of 475mm2. Yet sadly I was not able to do so, and looking back now I think I can probably do it now! 

To understand the different shapes we might have to use to create our object we had to learn about how to calculate the surface area, circumference, area, volume etc. So we did multiple work books to help us understand cylinders, triangles and rectangular prisms.

At this point our fridge was looking like this:

Hannah was working mainly on the frame work like the actual fridge part and the coolers. Well I worked on the door and door handles and extra little thingy ma-bobs (ex: the food).

As you could see I from the photo I had the following shapes: triangle, rectangle, oval prism, cone, and triangle. Lucky for me I do not know how to calculate an oval prism and come so I just transformed the cone into a triangle and the oval prism into a cylinder.

After the workbooks we moved onto milestone 2! (Milestone one was figuring out what we were creating). Milestone 2 was to find what formulas we would need to calculate the individual shapes in our fridge. I needed to be able to calculate the volume and surface area of rectangular prisms, cylinders, and triangular prisms. Here are the formulas that I had to follow:  

When I finished finalizing my shapes I moved on to the hefty part; calculating all of my shapes. In the end I had 12 shapes in total, and that is counting my 2 carrots which where the exact same. I actually found calculating the shapes kind of fun and luckily it didn’t take me to long to finish after I got the hang of it. Here are my completed calculations:

After Hannah and I both finished our calculations we had to work on a presentation e would then present to the class. If you didn’t already guess it was on our fridge. The presentation had to be about the process of our fridge building with some of the calculations in it!

I think throughout this project I did pretty good. I started off a bight rough because I did not have enough shapes since I misinterpreted the instructions. Personally I think I used my class time efficiently and I stayed on task. Also, I used tutorials to my advantage like I stated I wanted too in my learning plan.

Core competencies: 

Applying and Innovating:


During class time I feel like I was able to get the time I needed to create and do my work. If I felt the need to go to a tutorial I would go and that helped me a lot. Well working with my partner I was able to adapt some ideas and ask for help.

Reasoning and Analyzing:

I had a total of 12 shapes and 3 different shapes to calculate. We successfully   reached our goal to maximize the surface area. After navigating the basic of Tinkercad I was able to design the 3D fridge.

Communicating and Representing:

I finished calculating everything, but I forgot to talk about my calculations in the presentation but they where on the slides. I calculated 3 rations in total, the ratio of my object in total, the ratio of my door and the ratio of the whole fridge.

In the end as I said we completed our goal of maximizing our surface area. Our ratio ended up being 4.08:1 and 4.05:1 without the food and extra things.

(And my ratio of the door ended up being 1.02:1)

thank you for reading! Bye <3


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