PLP Impact exhibition 2022


This post isn’t going to be about a singular subject today, it’s about the PLP spring exhibition.

The grade 8’s and 9’s got to work together in multiple groups in different rooms representing what PLP learners experience and do. I was happy with the people in my group, and they where, Hannah, Gwen, Fraser, Dana, Dylan, Tom, Ariane and some others! (I would add them all but it takes a while to find some). My group was in charge of leading the room called “Beyond the Classroom”. 

The driving question for our room was: “How do we make deeper connection beyond our classroom?”. 

We showcased our learning extent to Loon Lake and talked about how learning at loon lake helped us work on our teamwork skills in different ways and apply our learning in different surroundings. Learning outside the classroom leaves us with authentic learning experiences and real world interactions which can help us in the future. 

The grade 9’s where in charge of creating the story of our room and the set up. The first thing we (the grade 8’s of the group) was this layout of the room. It showed where we would be standing and what we would be doing.

Each spot was taken by around two people: 

Tableau about archery – Dylan, Tom, and Sepaus 

Tableau about laser tag  – Hannah and I

Explaining the room – Sydney and Fraser

Showing our ad’s we made about local businesses – Frankie

Pulling the rope ferry – Jackson and a Grade 9 (it would switch)

Giving out our amazing orange juice – Ben

Showing the grade 9’s interviews – Mickey

Asking for feedback – Ariane 

They’re other people but I didn’t know where they went and I am guessing for some of the spots (sorry). 

As you can see I was doing a laser tag tableau with Hannah. We represented the game we played at Loon Lake! Obviously we couldn’t get actual laser guns so we use used water Guns.  Somehow there was still some crusty water in one of them and Hannah shot it in my face. It was not pleasant. We also had to make headbands to represent the one we wore in laser tag.

Since we couldn’t go into our room to decorate it and set it up (since it was a classroom being used)  we had to make all our props and decor and put it into a pile. Here are some of the things our group built and created (sorry for the weirdly formatted photos): 

after we set up the room it looked something like this: We has the trees and mountains on the window to repèrent the scenery at Loon Lake.

After we finished doing our final touch up’s to the room we went to go eat dinner! You could either bring your own lunch or pay 5$ for pizza (I made my own dinner).

Then after that, straight back to the room! It started moving slowly at first but as more people trickled in it started getting busier and busier. So many people walked past Hannah and I. What me and Hannah where presenting was a showing what we did at loon lake when we played laser tag and what we learned from it. This was our script:

When we actually presented I found both Hannah and I shortened it a lot which was good!

Overall it was fun presenting with Hannah.

At Loon Lake we had to pull our selves across with a rope, so the grade 9’s had a smart idea to create their own by using skateboards and rope. There would be one person holding the clamp at the end and then you would sit on the skate board and pull the rope to move. It was very fun to try and beat your friend in a race. Here is a video of Mr Harris racing:Boat race

Lastly, we had breaks scheduled! We got to go see the seniors and look at the work they created. It was quite fun to see what they had created, and it also made me think about what we are going to be doing in the senior grades as well.

Here are some photos of my group members in a little video!

Have a good day!

Also sorry for everyone who had to drink our disgusting orange juice…

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