The Ology Of An Apology – PLP 10

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial, The 9/11 memorial, The Gun Violence Memorial Project… these memorials were all created to educate, commemorate and foster reconciliation and change.  In our recent project called The Ology of an Apology, we learned about the importance of memorials and apologizing. What we learned and created along the way helped us strengthen […]

Avatar Winter Exhibition ❄️

Woah, it’s my first post of 2023, yet I am reflecting on the project and winter exhibition from 2022. In class we watched the movie Avatar, which came out in 2009, and did you know it took 15 years to complete the movie? It was worth it though because Avatar was nominated for 9 Oscars […]

PLP Impact exhibition 2022

Helloooo!  This post isn’t going to be about a singular subject today, it’s about the PLP spring exhibition. The grade 8’s and 9’s got to work together in multiple groups in different rooms representing what PLP learners experience and do. I was happy with the people in my group, and they where, Hannah, Gwen, Fraser, […]