Becoming an Amazing Cinematographer

You know the block buster moves like Star Wars, Titanic, Avatar and others? Well guess what, I made some movies just as good as those. 

How I became so talented was through a project in maker called Everyone Has A Story. Throughout the project I had to create many videos using different shots and angles. Let’s dive in to my journey of becoming an epic film maker! 

The first video I had to create was about what inspires you. We had to create a video on clips telling a story about the things we like to do and how they inspire us. To help brainstorm ideas for the video we filled out this sheet that was all about ourselves and what we like doing, our talents and skills etc! 

This definitely did help me create my video, one thing I would change is that I think I could have told more of a story throughout it. If you would like to watch my video here it is!

The next video we had to create was about telling a goal getters story! Besides just making videos in this project we also read a book called “What Do You Really Want”. There is a section in the book all about kids achieving a goal. We could make our video about one of those goals or our own goal getter story. I wrote mine about skiing. 

For the video we had to make it a silent film on the app clips. But it wasn’t on your own it was a group project! I was with Sydney, Keaton, and Keenan and we chose to do our video about Sydney’s goal getter story. Her story was about creating a Wanda costume for halloween which you will see in our video:

We had to take a little pause on maker because of the mini exhibition we were having for our books we made about the geography of the west! You can read more about it in my other post called Wandering Around The West.

After we finished that we got right back on track with a new assignment that actually wasn’t a video it was a goal ladder! I wrote my goal ladder about wanting to achieve practicing piano efficiently. Practicing piano is more of a habit then a goal so I think to make it more of a goal I could have said I want to know all my scales by heart and I could have tied in practicing that way!

Finally the last video we had to make could either be about how to set goals, how to be a goal getter, or how to stay on track. Again, we made this video in a group! My group was Keira, Frankie, and Jasper. We chose to do our video about how to set goals and used the acronym S.M.A.R.T which you can learn more about in our video:

All great movie makers have to reflect so I am going to reflect on the driving question: “How can I use my video skills to tell a story?”. To tell a story you have to have a beginning middle and end! Also, with the different skills I have learned like editing, collaborating, and different angles it can enhance the story as well. I still need to work on getting better at telling a story but I know if I make storyboards that are easy to understand to help me I can do it. 

Stay tuned to see what more amazing movies I create! I bet they will be in the movie theatres soon enough. Thanks for reading!

All I Wanted Was Some Lemonade.. But Then I Died

“As the dust settled slowly the bodies came into view… all marked with bright pink sticky notes saying death.”


Hello, I am Kira, A peasant at the bottom of Nation X, at least for now I am. My fellow peasants and I have been forced to write 100 words of how our life is going with the pencils we sharpened. There is trash everywhere and we have to pick it up as for we are the trash collectors cleaning up the garbage wealthier groups have left.  

Our nation has 4 groups, group A, group B, group C and group D. Group A is where I am, we are the peasants who slave away. Group B own the store that sells the food and goods. Group C is the law enforcement that runs the jail. Finally we have group D the kings and queen they rule over us all and decide what happens to us all. 

I am quite new to this society I’m not really sure what’s going on.. but we have got the news for today.

I’m not aloud to talk to groups C and D without them acknowledging us first I also can’t even walk in their territory. This makes me scared to talk to anyone as for I don’t want to go to jail. The day is almost over but I want to buy something from the store. There is lemonade and various goods like Smarties and other things. Yet I don’t think I’m going to able to I only have a dollar as my pay. 

It is almost curfew I must go, I am not sure I will sleep though as for I have heard freedom will come. Good bye diary. 


My group has told me to not go along with our tasks which I find is a bit dangerous. We are rebelling against our king and the law I wonder what will happen. I do like not having to write 100 words about my life and having to pick up germy trash. 

We got the paper for the day again and I’m a bit shocked. Nation x is out of cash because groups C and D have been ruthless and haven’t thought of all the cash they are spending. Group A and B now have to pay 1$ for tax now.. and all I get as my pay is 1$! Somehow I was stolen from yesterday so I am still very very poor. 

I’m going to attach the news paper again so you can read more.

Not much is going on today no one is really caring that we haven’t done our tasks. My friend blondie said she heard that group C and D wanted to meet with us and wonder what for..

I’m getting a bit sleepy I will update you, diary, about what tomorrow brings. 


Today was very chaotic, I am not feeling my best.. this world is coming down on me. Blondie, Keira and I sent a note to group D asking if we could have the right to walk around freely. Thankfully they thought about it and now we are allowed to walk around nation x wherever we want!

Even though The king agreed to let us wander anywhere we want he is really getting on my nerves. In the papers there is always a paragraph about how amazing he is (he’s such a ninnyhammer). Speaking of the papers here is todays:


Everything is becoming more pricey, luckily we have been given 2 dollars a day instead of one. I know it doesn’t sound like much but it makes me feel better having a bit more money in my pocket. (Not that I can buy anything though the food prices keep being raised!). I am worried about what the stores going to end up having. 

Also, we are still not doing our task and not many people have noticed which is a bit funky to me.

One of my fellow citizens tried to over run the jail by stealing the sign and making it just a lonely building. He succeed for a few minutes till he was caught.. then put to jail. The jail doesn’t do much because group C always forgets to keep an eye on it so people just escape. I’ve never been put in jail and I don’t plan to be. 

Oh my I forgot to say the most important thing I heard all day.. I was going on a little walk around the store and I heard:  “the sewer system is busted and waste has started to pile up. Some members of our community have begun to get sick.” I am very nervous for tomorrow I don’t know how much longer I will last. Goodbye diary see you tomorrow. 


I can’t bear this any longer, this is my last diary entry before I pick my fate. I have been sold to group B, the only difference from my old group is that I don’t have to sit on the ground anymore.  I don’t do anything here in group B the store has ran out of goods and the only things that are being sold are the weapons group D holds within their territory.  

I keep hearing whispers among the different groups. Everyone is going to circle around group D and attack. I am worried this isn’t going to end well. Throughout the whispers I also hear that Group D has the cure to the disease that has been spreading like crazy. Oh yea.. I had the disease and was but into isolation. Luckily the queen gave me the cure and I am now healthy. 

In the news article I read that Nation Y is making moves towards us. I am not sure what that means but that will not effect me for much longer. Dear diary, today I am going to end my life. My companion Keira and I are going in seek of a weapon to un-alive ourselves, wish us luck. Oh and if you want here is the last news article I will read well I’m still here.

We did it! Keira and I asked the jail guard to stab us and after a little convincing they obliged. It feels strange to be dead but now I don’t have to worry about my responsibilities in the society; not that I did them though. 

Things are getting heated, I think everyone is going to swarm group D soon. The king and queen have left leaving only one member of group D left to fend for themselves. I am writing this as it happens before my eyes. They are surging forwards now.. it is very graphic. I think someone bonked a persons shoulder.. how violent. 

As the dust settled slowly the bodies came into view… all marked with bright pink sticky notes saying  death. Im glad I died instead of being trampled on in that fight;  Nation X has fallen apart it is now Nation Y. My eye caught a glimpse of this paper its a bit blood stained and it is the last news that the king sent out. Even with the disease killing people the king still talks about how great he is, oh well.

 Almost everyone has died and I think I want to explore the world as a ghost now. I also want some lemonade because I never got any before I died. Goodbye for real diary and thank you for being here I hope one day someone will read you and hear about my life in Nation X. 


Wow that was kind of difficult to write but also very fun. I forgot a little bit of how the days went so it took me a while to remember. What you just ready was the diary of my life in a simulation we had for humanities! This was just the start of our project so stay tuned for my next blog post for humanities. (Spoiler its about revolutions). 

I wasn’t able to take many photos but here are some! 

  • The money we used

Thank you for reading bye bye ❤️

Wandering Around The West! 🚐

Hellooooo, and welcome to my blog post! Second one for the year, and first for Humanities!

About 5 weeks ago, half of the grade 9s went on a trip to Alberta! (the other half went at a different time). We went to many different places like the Sundre Museum, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Cave and Basin, The Last Spike and more! It was a great adventure and I enjoyed it all (the food was yummy too). 

Even though the trip was super fun and a great experience it was still school, so of course we had to have an end project. Throughout the trip we gathered information to answer the driving question: How has the geography of the West shaped who we are? All the information and knowledge we received went into the multi touch e-book we had to create!

We also learned about the 5 themes of geography which are movement, human environment interaction, regions, place, and location. We had to create a comic on Comic Life 3 to show the definition of these 5 themes.

(I go more into depth in the book so stay tuned)

Circling back to the driving question, we were put into groups based on what we thought shaped the west the most. So, in class we brainstormed 3 things that make up the West. The ideas were history, diversity, and economy. Then, we each had to pick a concept that we thought we could best answer the driving question with. I thought the best concept was economy and my reflections would be the strongest if I talked about the economy of the West in them.

All the people who chose economy were put into a group to compose an overall answer to the driving question. The final answer we came up with, as a group, was:

The geography of the West has shaped us by allowing us to have a thriving economy with multiple industries that have helped us settle and develop. 

For those wanting more detail about the places we explored and to understand the interrelationship between geography and economy. I think it is time to show my book…. drumrolllll 




Tada! I think my favourite page is probably the page showing Susan, Blondie and myself wearing our hard hats that we got from the Sundre Museum as a souvenir. Those hats looked so funky and I loved that they were handmade by the older gentleman who owned the museum. They were also a reasonable price at just $5.00! (I bet I helped the economy with those 5$).

The page I think that demonstrates my strongest reflection, is probably the Last Spike page because I was most confident with my personal connection. It made me call up my grandfather and ask him questions about his experience coming to Canada as an immigrant. I learned some surprising things, like my grandmother worked in a manufacturing company when she first arrived! My curiosity was definitely peaked with this page.

The page I found the most challenging was the Sundre museum and the Pioneer Village because I don’t really remember much about so writing about it hurt my brain. I realized after the fact I didn’t take good notes, and only had a few photos. As a result, I left this page for the absolute last and to help my understanding I had to spend the most time, out of all pages, researching on this place. There may or may not have been a few tears in the process. I also greatly struggled with the personal connection; however, I was happy when I suddenly had a picture of Cougar Annie in my head. Re-reading about her helped deepen my understanding of the Pioneer days and I really like that she is a strong independent woman!

Then, after hopefully all of us completed the book we had a mini exhibition on Wednesday to show them to our parents! We had 3 different rooms for the 3 different concept and to refresh your memory they were: economy, diversity and history. If you didn’t guess it yet we were put into the room with the rest of the people who chose economy. We themed the room to be about money and we all dressed in business attire (Daniel even printed out business cards).

Here are some photos of the room!  


I think Gwen and I did a good job presenting and we looked pretty spiffy if I do say so myself.

It wasn’t just the books we were showing at the exhibition, we also had to create a video that would play on loop well the people walked around the rooms looking at our books. Again, they were based on the 3 topics but there was also an intro video and 2 fun videos! I got the luck of creating the fun video 2 with Jupiter, Keaton, Evangline, Kadin, Makai, and Magnus. We decided to make ours about the goofy things PLP 9 did on the trip.

Everyone had separate roles when we had to create the video, and Evangline and I had the highly important role of being the final editors! We were the ones who put all the photos and videos together and edit them all to become one amazing video. We had a lot of fun and everyone seemed to like it. Here is the final video Fun group 2 created!

In the end I always am going to reflect and I am going to focusing on the competency of.. questioning!

Questioning: I can share ideas, ask questions, and research information from a variety of sources. 

During the trip I tried to ask questions to the tour guides and experts, and if I could do it again I would have asked more. Again, my Sundre experience cemented this I only asked one question, which didn’t give me much! What I am proud of is the extra research that I did because I feel like I was able to understand more of the places and make my answers stronger. Thanks to my mom I am feeling more confident that I can reach the goal I put in my learning plan, which was: 

“I would like to work on my stamina and perseverance when researching for resources. I tend to give up on researching if it doesn’t give me an immediate answer. So I will try to dig deeper into websites and not just skim through.”

I am still struggling because I get overwhelmed with a bunch of different sources that are all telling me good information. So I need to find a way to organize the info I get so it does not just swirl in my head and keep me stalled for hours upon time.

For some places, I did not really know how I could personally connect to the place. For example, the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump took me a little bit to think of how I could connect to it personally. Thankfully, we have awesome and encouraging teachers, I asked the teacher and was told I could write how I felt when I was there! I talked a lot with my peers and we all showed each other our ideas and talked about how we could bring in different aspects of a place. Also, we sent each other pictures of the views, trips and experiences on the trip when someone didn’t have them. I appreciate not only my teachers but my peer community. Lots of good conversation and learning can happen with just us sharing our stories.

Thank you for reading! I hope you learned something about the West<3

Exploring Ecosystems🔬

Ahh my first post of grade 9 it felt like a couple days ago I was writing my last one of grade 8. What you are about to read is about how we as humans are impacting our local ecosystems. But more specifically the driving question is “what are ways in which human beings impact our local ecosystems, and how can mitigate those impacts.” 

The first thing we started learning about was ecosystems, a definition of an ecosystem could be  an area where flora and fauna, animals, other organisms etc thrive together and form a bubble of life. 

First Keystone! 🧱

Our first keystone was showing how ecosystems are all interconnected, and to do that we created a food web showing how an ecosystem is interdependent and interconnected. I chose to do the ecosystem of a kelp forest. 

We also had to write a quick reflection relating to the question: “Consider your food web. What are ways in which human beings have impacted it? How does your food web illustrate the interconnectedness and interdependence of ecosystems?”

Here is what I wrote:

“My food web is an example of a kelp forest’s ecosystem. An ecosystem is a group of interconnected organisms, and there has to be a healthy balance of all the species involved otherwise the food web will be thrown off and will not function as it should. A major impact on the food web are humans. Humans are a major contributor to climate change; such as through pollution and development. As a result, Earth’s bodies of water are warming up and impacting how the organisms interact. For example, this causes sea-weed eating fish to become more aggressive and eat a lot of kelp. This affects the kelp forests because if there are more fish that eat them the kelp forests will slowly decrease and the ecosystem will be in danger.” 

Micro plastics

Then we moved on to learning about micro plastics (woop woop), we talked about different ways micro plastics can get into our water and effect our environment. One of the ways was by washing our own clothes! We did an experiment where we had a plastic bottle, marbles, soap, and a piece of fabric. Then we shook it up and filtered the water to see if we could find any micro plastics in the filter.

This is a micro plastic me and Sofia found!

About 700,000 micro plastics get released when a load of laundry is washed and that leads to Bioaccumulation.


We had to create a gif about bioaccumulation! I chose to create mine on an app called procreate. How I showed bioaccumulation was by showing a fish eating a phytoplankton with micro plastics in it then the fish getting hooked by a human who then eats the fish and consumes micro plastics. (Sadly I don’t have the eating part in my gif because I wasn’t able to create it).

Second Keystone 🧱

Our second keystone was a mock news report, the class got split into groups where we created a news report on a specific topic. I was put into a group with Evangline, Keaton, and Jackson.   The topic we had to cover was the over population of sea urchins! Sadly on the day we had to film Jackson wasn’t at school so creating and editing the video was a bit rough (we didn’t get the amazing animated intro Evangline made into the video either) But, in the end we still finished and here it is:

The last thing we learned about before we created our final keystone was about the Carbon cycle, the nitrogen cycle and the phosphorus cycle! After learning more about the cycles I had to choose one to create a poster about. I chose to make a poster about the nitrogen cycle and here’s how it turned out.

Third Keystone! 🧱

The very last keystone we had to do was to create 5 fake social media posts about all of them assignments we did. Luckily we could work in pairs so Gwen and I worked together to create them! 


The impacts we have on land and water can impact ecosystems a lot. Things like climate change, ocean acidification, eutrophication and over population are examples of  things us humans have done. It will take a while to get all of the ecosystems to be thriving and healthy but some ways you can help the environment and ecosystems is by getting rid of your trash the correct way and making sure the products you use are safe and healthy for the environment. Avoiding single use items and reusing things can also help reduce waste!

Thank you for reading have a good day ❤️



Comic Cells!

This is my last Scimatics blog post for the year. In fact, the last one of grade 8 in total (totally not because I am handing this in late). 

The name of this project was Comic cells, we had to create a comic about a disease or virus that interacts with a cell. I struggled to figure out what to pick, since my first choice wasn’t a good idea (it was pinkeye). After I figured out what I was going to do we had to create a wanted poster for the disease. Here is mine:

After that we did some work books like usual then basically started working on our rough draft for the comic.

We had a template that we pushed to Notability and then drew on it in there. My rough draft is kind of messy and has some spelling mistakes but here it is:

Just like in every scimatics project we had to create a mind node. So here is my project start mind map and end one!

Then we went on to making the actual comic! We created it in a app called Comic Life 3, we had to have at least 10 scientific vocab words and at least 18 slides.

I took me a little bit but I finally finished my comic, I drew my drawings on an app called procreate! My comic was about leukaemia in a girls body, and the white blood cells attacking the leukaemia white blood cells. I thought it would be fun if I added my comic in here so this is a link too it! chasing down leukaemia.


Curricular competences:

Question and predicting:
When creating the comic I had many questions about my disease and what not. So I researched what I wanted to know. However, rather than just read the first article that popped up on my Google search, I questioned what I was reading and checked out multiple other articles to confirm my facts. For example, I was really stuck on how chemotherapy really works. My initial article was confusing because it wasn’t giving me the answer I wanted. I was only getting information on how it changed the cells but not how it entered or really affected the body. After lots of reading I learned a lot and that helped the ending of my story, and the resolution of my story was the the girl getting chemo therapy. So I had to look up how long it takes and how they do so.

Scientific communication:

I was able to meet the criteria and inserted scientific vocabulary on leukaemia and  cells and disease into my comic book. I researched and asked my peers and teachers what would be some examples beforehand. I feel I was successful.


I was able to remember that the comic has to still be educational. I made sure I had cells, and diseases and a plot line of course.

Overall I think I did pretty good throughout this project and I’m proud of myself.


Good Bye Grade 8..!

Wow, Grade 8 went by fast… 

Welcome to my tPol blog post! 

“Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”

At the start of grade 8 we had to fill out a learning plan. At the top of it we had to write our learning intent for the year. Here was mine:


To sum it up I really just wanted too be able to share my voice and ask questions and get help when needed. 


I have shown the most growth like that in Scimatics. Since I struggle the most with Math it is kind of a hard class for me. On my learning plan in scimatics I stated I wanted to get better at paying attention in class and again, phrasing my questions to ask what I need.  

When we started the project Chemistry Coding I realized I was going to need way more help then usual. The project was to code a game representing the Atomic Theory.  I started going into tutorials, looking on youtube and web browsers for tutorials about how to code. I struggled a lot with this project since the plan I made at the start was too complex for my skill set. I had to down grade it a lot and that took a toll on me since I was frustrated with myself and that it didn’t work.

Yet this project helped me understand that its okay to not do your best some times and that you have to mess up multiple times to understand what is going on. Even though I was frustrated with myself it made me go into tutorials to help me better understand, just like I wanted too do. I am also proud of myself for asking clarifying questions about projects, that definitely helped me. After that unit was over I went to more tutorials and asked questions when needed, it taught me to ask for help when I need it since there is no shame in doing so. 


I was very lucky that I started off with my strong suit in humanities. Our first project in PLP 8 humanities was about photography and design and I love that stuff. Since I enjoyed that I was able to ease into PLP smoothly. I felt more comfortable in my group if I knew I could present good work. I have gotten better at doing extra research and finding trustworthy websites to rely on. Which is what I wanted to work on a little bit 

In humanities I wanted to work on slimming down my ideas and picking the best ones. Also I should get better at analyzing concepts. I feel as if I still need to work on that but I know I can always get at least a little bit of feedback from my friends. But it has to end on me making my decisions which I still have to work on. 

Core Competencies:

Communication 🗣:


I feel like I have grown so much more in communicating with peers then at the start of the year. Even though I still need to work on projecting my voice I am better at speaking in groups. It will always be something I need to work on but I think I can do it.

Thinking 🤔:

When I have a motive and I know how to start my work I can do it easily. I have gotten better and asking questions to help me understand whats going on. I have found I can write them down before hand when I go into tutorials to help me be more prepared. I have always been good at observing the situation to see what I can do and what has to be done. Also, at the start of the year everything was new to me! I didn’t know any people in PLP except for one person. I had to figure out how people worked and who worked well with me. I enjoy working with my friend Gwen a lot.

Personal and Social 👥:

I know when I need to take a break and what is good for me. But I don’t always do so… I have to get better at remembering if I get my work done I can talk to my friends later. I am a self regulated person and I can keep my emotions in tact! I know when I do stuff wrong (sometimes I dont admit it 🤫) and when I should step in to help others.

Going back to my learning intent at the start of the post. I still have to work sharing my voice, I make ideas in my head but I doubt whether it’s good or not. I have gotten better at writing down my ideas since the further I progressed into PLP I understood about what was thought of us and how it works.

Have a great summer break everyone!

PLP Impact exhibition 2022


This post isn’t going to be about a singular subject today, it’s about the PLP spring exhibition.

The grade 8’s and 9’s got to work together in multiple groups in different rooms representing what PLP learners experience and do. I was happy with the people in my group, and they where, Hannah, Gwen, Fraser, Dana, Dylan, Tom, Ariane and some others! (I would add them all but it takes a while to find some). My group was in charge of leading the room called “Beyond the Classroom”. 

The driving question for our room was: “How do we make deeper connection beyond our classroom?”. 

We showcased our learning extent to Loon Lake and talked about how learning at loon lake helped us work on our teamwork skills in different ways and apply our learning in different surroundings. Learning outside the classroom leaves us with authentic learning experiences and real world interactions which can help us in the future. 

The grade 9’s where in charge of creating the story of our room and the set up. The first thing we (the grade 8’s of the group) was this layout of the room. It showed where we would be standing and what we would be doing.

Each spot was taken by around two people: 

Tableau about archery – Dylan, Tom, and Sepaus 

Tableau about laser tag  – Hannah and I

Explaining the room – Sydney and Fraser

Showing our ad’s we made about local businesses – Frankie

Pulling the rope ferry – Jackson and a Grade 9 (it would switch)

Giving out our amazing orange juice – Ben

Showing the grade 9’s interviews – Mickey

Asking for feedback – Ariane 

They’re other people but I didn’t know where they went and I am guessing for some of the spots (sorry). 

As you can see I was doing a laser tag tableau with Hannah. We represented the game we played at Loon Lake! Obviously we couldn’t get actual laser guns so we use used water Guns.  Somehow there was still some crusty water in one of them and Hannah shot it in my face. It was not pleasant. We also had to make headbands to represent the one we wore in laser tag.

Since we couldn’t go into our room to decorate it and set it up (since it was a classroom being used)  we had to make all our props and decor and put it into a pile. Here are some of the things our group built and created (sorry for the weirdly formatted photos): 

after we set up the room it looked something like this: We has the trees and mountains on the window to repèrent the scenery at Loon Lake.

After we finished doing our final touch up’s to the room we went to go eat dinner! You could either bring your own lunch or pay 5$ for pizza (I made my own dinner).

Then after that, straight back to the room! It started moving slowly at first but as more people trickled in it started getting busier and busier. So many people walked past Hannah and I. What me and Hannah where presenting was a showing what we did at loon lake when we played laser tag and what we learned from it. This was our script:

When we actually presented I found both Hannah and I shortened it a lot which was good!

Overall it was fun presenting with Hannah.

At Loon Lake we had to pull our selves across with a rope, so the grade 9’s had a smart idea to create their own by using skateboards and rope. There would be one person holding the clamp at the end and then you would sit on the skate board and pull the rope to move. It was very fun to try and beat your friend in a race. Here is a video of Mr Harris racing:Boat race

Lastly, we had breaks scheduled! We got to go see the seniors and look at the work they created. It was quite fun to see what they had created, and it also made me think about what we are going to be doing in the senior grades as well.

Here are some photos of my group members in a little video!

Have a good day!

Also sorry for everyone who had to drink our disgusting orange juice…

🦫 New Beginnings! 🦫

New Beginnings (that’s the name of our project) was all about discovering New France. The point of this project was to understand the importance of the past and make connections too it; the driving question was “What did the establishment of New France mean for all the people involved?”. 

This projects end result was originally going to be an ad for a certain accept of New France. So we started off creating an ad for our school. We looked back on our skills we learned during the Medium is the message project. 

Soon after that we watched a video about New France and the fur trade. We had to take notes during the duration of watching the video! When taking notes we had the choice to use the note taking template or do it on a separate document. I chose to do mine both ways:

Since our final product was going to be a visual we had to have an image go out into the forest near school and take photos. We used our photography skills we learned at the start of the year. For example, birds eye, bugs eye, and having foreground, background and mid ground. 

My favourite photos I took on the walk where:

After we grew our knowledge on the topic we moved on to picking a part of New France to focus on. As you know we were going to create an ad for New France for our end wrap up of learning. But that got changed, we ended up having to create 2 visuals about a singular topic of New France. We had a variety of topics to chose from like;

  • The fur trade & the economy
  • Indigenous alliances
  • Filles du roi
  • The construction of New France
  • Cour de bois
  • Surviving New France
  • Missionaries & the role of the Church
  • Seigneuries & land ownership

I ended up choosing the Missionaries and the roll of the church. I knew I could have had a easier time choosing something like “Filles du roi” but I decided to challenge myself. 

To ease our way into our chosen topic we did some researching. When researching about our topic it also strengthened our note taking and researching by abilities. 

As you know we now had our topic, so using our knowledge we collected about our topic and we had images of the forest we made our first draft of our New France visual.

I created my visual on keynote! I was super duper rushed when creating the first draft and it look very bad. I can’t say anything good about it really:

The next class I got help from my peers and just updated it myself to make it better. Again, I did it on keynote (that you Blondie and Charlie R for the tagline) :

It’s still not perfect, but it is wayyyyyyy better then my first one 😭.

We had a fun activity which was doing a fur trade simulation. We separated our class into two separate rooms with 4 different groups in each room. Each group represented a trading company or group of aboriginal people. I don’t fully remember but I think I was a member of the North West Company (they where the ones trading to get the furs). The other people in my group where Daniel, Naomi, And Callum. 

We were instructed to go over or for other groups to come over to our “posts” to trade. We set prices for our goods like shoes, weapons, resources, and food like things. The NWC and HBC would trade their goods for the beaver pelts. My group struggled trading with Ruby, we had a battle about shoes. Near the end we ended up selling everything for like 5 beaver pelts. We obviously did amazing and definitely didn’t give up. Overall it was a fun experience and I enjoyed learning that way. We had to write what we thought trade was like between aboriginal people and the NWC and HBC based of the knowledge we had and the knowledge we just acquired.

At this time we were nearing the end of the project, so I had created more drafts for visuals, but this time it was two visuals, not one. The reason we had to create two images was to show the different aspects of our chosen topic. For the missionaries I showed the missionaries spreading religion and then I showed the result of the missionaries being highly successful in spreading region.

We then put the two images into a platform called flourish! On flourish we were able to use a template where we can make an image hide behind another and then appear when we move the slider. I tested it out on my flower:

Then, I got even more feedback on my images from my friend Hannah/Blondie. This was too add colour, make the crosses wood, and Mr  Harris said to make my teepees different and sent me some images to base them off of!

I took charge with that feedback and ended up with these two final images:

Here is an explanation of my images and their symbols…

“Visual 1 is too show the missionaries trying to convert the aboriginal people. I tried to use the following symbols/things to represent that.

I had the missionaries silhouette to represent the missionaries who went to aboriginal people villages to teach them about religion. I had a cross to represent religion and Christianity that the Europeans revolved around. Lastly I had the aboriginal peoples tepees to represent them. They where the people the missionaries where trying to convert and teach their religion too. 

Visual 2 is showing the missionaries being successful in doing so, and how I showed that was by using similar symbols as the first. 

The materials and tools are there to show that they built churches in the aboriginal peoples villages. From the materials came the church that is showcased on the image to again show the churches built up in the villages in an attempt to spread religion that way. The orange people are to show the converted people holding crosses to represent they have been converted to religion. 

The two images are showing the start of trying to convert people and then being successful in spreading religion around.”

As you know we had to put them into flourish and here it is completed:

Im happy with my final result but the text is still a little bit off from where it is supposed to be to match up.

After learning about the establishment of New France I feel like I better understand all the different aspects of it. I think it depends on the person and your rank of power to see how New France treats you. For the aboriginal people, many of them died because of being exposed to diseases; and for the Europeans many of them fought for power and also died. Yet the trading between groups brought new resources to different places. Also, many people thrived off the money and power they got from selling beaver pelts, but the beavers slowly went extinct. New France has many pros and cons just like everything. 

Thanks for reading!

A Fridge With Carrots..?

This project was about creating an object with the maximum surface area or volume. You could also choose to be with a partner or work alone! I chose to be with a partner and ended up with my friend hannah. Together we chose to create a fridge with the maximum surface area! Don’t ask why we made a fridge I am not so sure myself. 

The platform we used was called Tinkercad and it is an app and web browser. 

Now getting onto the process… yay!

To get warmed up to Tinkercad we were instructed to create a rectangle with the surface area of 475mm2. Yet sadly I was not able to do so, and looking back now I think I can probably do it now! 

To understand the different shapes we might have to use to create our object we had to learn about how to calculate the surface area, circumference, area, volume etc. So we did multiple work books to help us understand cylinders, triangles and rectangular prisms.

At this point our fridge was looking like this:

Hannah was working mainly on the frame work like the actual fridge part and the coolers. Well I worked on the door and door handles and extra little thingy ma-bobs (ex: the food).

As you could see I from the photo I had the following shapes: triangle, rectangle, oval prism, cone, and triangle. Lucky for me I do not know how to calculate an oval prism and come so I just transformed the cone into a triangle and the oval prism into a cylinder.

After the workbooks we moved onto milestone 2! (Milestone one was figuring out what we were creating). Milestone 2 was to find what formulas we would need to calculate the individual shapes in our fridge. I needed to be able to calculate the volume and surface area of rectangular prisms, cylinders, and triangular prisms. Here are the formulas that I had to follow:  

When I finished finalizing my shapes I moved on to the hefty part; calculating all of my shapes. In the end I had 12 shapes in total, and that is counting my 2 carrots which where the exact same. I actually found calculating the shapes kind of fun and luckily it didn’t take me to long to finish after I got the hang of it. Here are my completed calculations:

After Hannah and I both finished our calculations we had to work on a presentation e would then present to the class. If you didn’t already guess it was on our fridge. The presentation had to be about the process of our fridge building with some of the calculations in it!

I think throughout this project I did pretty good. I started off a bight rough because I did not have enough shapes since I misinterpreted the instructions. Personally I think I used my class time efficiently and I stayed on task. Also, I used tutorials to my advantage like I stated I wanted too in my learning plan.

Core competencies: 

Applying and Innovating:


During class time I feel like I was able to get the time I needed to create and do my work. If I felt the need to go to a tutorial I would go and that helped me a lot. Well working with my partner I was able to adapt some ideas and ask for help.

Reasoning and Analyzing:

I had a total of 12 shapes and 3 different shapes to calculate. We successfully   reached our goal to maximize the surface area. After navigating the basic of Tinkercad I was able to design the 3D fridge.

Communicating and Representing:

I finished calculating everything, but I forgot to talk about my calculations in the presentation but they where on the slides. I calculated 3 rations in total, the ratio of my object in total, the ratio of my door and the ratio of the whole fridge.

In the end as I said we completed our goal of maximizing our surface area. Our ratio ended up being 4.08:1 and 4.05:1 without the food and extra things.

(And my ratio of the door ended up being 1.02:1)

thank you for reading! Bye <3


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