National sneak a zucchini on your neighbours porch day

On August 8th is national sneak a zucchini on your neighbours porch day and this year no one is safe from my wrath. My plan this year is flawless and will have my neighbours begging for mercy. Let me walk you through it. First I will start to save money from now until August 8th by doing chores. Once the day comes I will go to Safeway and buy at least 10 zucchinis. Once I buy the zucchinis I will bring them home and cut them all in half to maximize the amount of zucchini I am sneaking on their porch. First I shall attack my neighbours to the right by throwing a zucchini in their porch with a note saying you are not safe from the zucchini. It will strike fear into my opponent’s securing my safety from them. Next I will go onto a zucchini throwing rampage and hide them in super obvious spots to confuse my opponents. I will then make my way to my zucchini rival Max Louies house at around noon and bombard his house with dozens of zucchinis forcing him to yield to my power and give up his zucchinis to continue my zucchini sneaking rampage. My one concern about this is I have a feeling that he will read this post and prepare for my attack but he has greatly underestimated me. He does not understand true power. Be ready Max. You can not escape this crisis. Next year I shall go global but that is for another day. 

Sneak a zucchini on your neighbours porch day is a great family friendly activity. You and your family can have hours of fun hiding zucchinis in yours neighbours porch and making them think your weird. But they are the weird ones for not participating in this holiday. You may be thinking “this holiday sounds pretty bad” but that were your wrong. If you choose to you can decorate your house with zucchinis although hiding them in your neighbors porch is was better. There isn’t that much else to it other then hiding zucchinis. 

To show my love for this holiday I shall tell you a few poems that I created for this very important event. 

Bag full of Zucchinis: when you wake up on sneak a zucchini onto your neighbours porch day you may find a surprise

When you walk down stairs and expect a pie. 

When you see no pie you start to cry..

But SURPRISE its not a lie. 

With a puzzled look on your face

Like someone that just ran to 7th base. 

You see your neighbour hiding in the corner 

He was wearing a bikini i said 

Not only that he had a bag full of zucchinis 

This next poem is called Zucchini Zucchini oh how i love zucchini 

Zucchini Zucchini oh how i love zucchini. 

I love the size, shape and smell you can even throw it down a well.

You can use it as a sword or maybe a surfboard 

A boat a car a plane or even as a cane. 

The best thing to do is put it in a shoe 

Find a fellow neighbour and surprise them with a zucchini it can be teeny weeny or big and strong just make sure its not a gong 

Hopefully this year you will all participate in national sneak a zucchini on your neighbours porch day and have fun doing it. 

Later 👋