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What’s good homes. Time for another blog post but this time it’s about Destination Imagination. I’m sure everyone who’s reading this is familiar with Destination Imagination ( DI for short) so I won’t go into to much depth, but its basically a competition for students who compete in four different categories. Improve, Technical, Scientific and Fine Arts. The project is all student based and within the challenge you’ll get told what you have to make and what the central idea of the story has to be about.

Personally I’m not a big fan of DI but this year was actually really fun. This time around I was in the technical challenge but what made it fun was my group. I was in a group with all of my friends and I’m not even kidding. Now this May have been fun but you don’t get that much work done when you throw a group of 15 year old boys together who are all friends. Who are these friends I speak of tho? Lemme tell you. My group this year consisted of Max, Colton, Erik, P-Jelly and Me.

Our group got off to a pretty bumpy start because we where quite disorganized. Oh I forgot to mention that Sylas would have been in our group too if we didn’t skip a team meeting the first day. Anyway the start was a little rough with the forms but after that it was a blast. For our challenge we had to make a daring escape using 2 machines one with power and one without. Our first idea was to build a sparky from clash Royale and have him escape the arena becasue he was tired of fighting. A few days after that idea got overlooked and Max, Erik and I worked on a new story involving a dune buggy rc car race, involving Christiano Ronaldo and Geoff Bezuz. Personally I think the sparky idea was a lot better but whatcha gunna do.

Now that we had a story we had to build. Honestly P-Jelly built most of the car out of Lego mindstorms and a base from an actual red car. We didn’t get that much work done out side of school I don’t think I need to explain why. None the less our story was actually looking pretty solid. We had a completed rc car, a story and ideas for the obstacles. Speaking of which I forgot to mention that the challenge had to include the obstacles, ours being a tunnel, rough terrain and movible object.
our first dress rehearsal came around and we where not ready at all. During the period from our first rehearsal to our second we where looking very good. 2 machines with and without power, 3 obstacles and memorized lines and the team choice elements. Wow another thing I forgot to mention. Team choice elements are just things your team is good at and you can include 2. I made a rap song.           (Lil Leland on SoundCloud) and Erik danced. Anyway We where told we could actually win this thing and that got our hopes high.

From there do the third rehearsal we kinda started to slack a lil bit. Our machine broke, no costumes and setup took to long. Ms. Willemse wasn’t the happiest of campers. Anyway the day of the competition rolled around and when it was time to preform it was a complete disaster. We skipped a few lines, one of the machines wheels popped off, neither machine made it through the obstacles and we still had a ton of time left. But it was still fun to make and a fun learning experience. Anyway I’ll let you see it for yourself and you can be the judge on how well it went but before you watch it here’s a little bit on what it’s about…

A poor son (Me) and a poor dad (Erik) are eating dinner when I news paper comes in saying there’s an rc race for 1 mil. Tv turns on Geoff Bezus talks saying anyone who drops out gets a grand. Son and dad go make car, Ronaldo come in (p-jelly) takes them to restaurant, sponsors them. Day of the race dad can’t drive Ronaldo drives for them, gets a bad time, Bezus cheats get disqualified dad and son win everyone gets happy and rap song plays. The end. So here it is…



overall this years DI was fun and new because we haven’t done one in person yet. What I’ve learned from this is to be WAY more prepared next time and to use more time outside of class. I’ve learned the value of teamwork and how to become more prepared. Anyway see ya next time jits.

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