“If Looks Could Kill” 😈🖤

If looks could kill Baby, I’m the fashion demon Ridin’ down Candler Road and I’m speedin’ I got hella —— tryna —— me and my brosI got hella shows lined up, I’m on the road  I get hella ——- , yeah, I get hella ——These ——— green as —-, I’m ’bout to get over No, ——- I’m not ———-‘ out, you can not get over I just like to ball hard, ball like Dellavedova Don’t shop at Dover’s, don’t shop at Nieman’s Don’t commit treason Everything I do is for a reason Everything I do is so strategic Baby, please don’t leave me, I don’t need you And I know that you don’t need me I done got the flyest, I’m on a date with the moon this evening She act cool but I know she evil, so deceiving If looks could kill that makes every day Halloween, man
(P.S. this song came out while we where on the trip and I was bumping it the whole time)
Whats going on YouTube El Gonzo back again with another BANGER! Today I’ll  be talking about our 2nd project we did at Florida, the power of imagination!
The start of this project takes place quite a while back around last year after we got back from Loon Lake when it first got announced that we would be going to San Francisco. Everyone was super pumped but close to the beginning of the h year this year an email went out saying that the trip was cancelled. W everyone was pretty upset but soon after we found out that the trip was back on but this time to Orlando, Florida!
Our project officially began in late January/ early February. Our end goal for this project was to make a documentary about Walt Disney and the Disney parks and to answer each of our groups questions to answer our driving question. We began this process by spending the first few classes doing tons of research on Walt himself, the parks, his life and the company. After a few weeks of work and note taking we where put into groups and given roles to help complete our video. The other members of my group where Ava, Dana, Sabrina, Zach and Cole. Next we had to do our own personal research on subtopics of our main topic (which was animatronics and how they affect people and such) and store them in our PKM. A PKM stands for Personal Knowledge Management which is in an app called Craft which was newly introduced this year. Really just a more organized way of taking notes. Our main question was “How have Disney Imagineers woven together creativity and innovative technology to bring art and storytelling to life?” which was really about Disney imagineers and tech.
our next task before we took flight on the 25th was to create a storyboard, call sheets and a screenplay. All of these where kind of spread among us (sus). I started on the storyboard but than Sabrina took over which I think was for the better because she had a way more clearer idea of what our end goal was to be than I did. Our ideas and layouts where pretty solid of rip but there where a few ideas that didn’t connect to our main idea so we had to brainstorm ways to replace them within the last few days.
Unfortunately literally the night before our flight our plane got cancelled due to “Weather Conditions” and we all thought the trip got canceled. Thankfully

Brian “The Goat” Hughes clutched up and salvaged our trip. We filmed for the whole trip. Our video didn’t actually have us in it, apart from one scene, it was all really just voice overs of our B roll which we spent the whole trip getting.

Day 1 we went to magic kingdom which was by far the longest day. We probably filmed most of our b roll Here as it was by far the most iconic and film worthy park. We were there early at rope drop and did all the big and popular rides. The day was really all line, ride, complain repeat. None the less it was still fun. My favourite rides where probably Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.

featuring Cole DP and Ben Tuck
day 2 was much more laid back as we went to blizzard beach, Disneys own seasonal water park. We didn’t really film here as it was mostly a fun day so we just enjoyed the park. While everyone else was going down the fast slides Cole, Max Louie and I spent around an hour going down the kiddie slide over and over again. Yes it was actually fun. No I don’t regret it. Before we left me and Sensi Louie had a super epic samurai water duel. It was a close match but Louie was not strong enough to defeat Master Gonzo 🥷.
picture of da gang at da beach
3rd day we went to Epcot. This day was also very long but also really fun. We didn’t get that much filming done here but apart from the fun rides we did a cool Disney workshop about leadership and teamwork. It was pretty fun and we got to go behind the scenes of Disney which was actually really flipping cool. For lunch we had a German buffet which was tasty and for the best ride there was definitely  guardians of the galaxy, cosmic rewind.
featuring Sensi Max Louie, Mateo King, and Patrick “P-Jelly” Jelstad
this is getting lengthy so I’ll skim through the next days. On day 4 we had a “rest day” which was another day at blizzard beach where you could find me Cole and Louie in the kiddie slide again. We ended the day with a shopping experience at Disney springs where me and p jelly picked up sum Lego cars. This was also Sepaus’ last day here. Fly high Paus 🕊
day 5 we went to animal kingdom which I think was my favourite day. We saw lots of really cool animals up close and one of the best rides Expedition Everest which was very scary. I also got to film my trend video and b roll here.
for the 6th day we took a break from the Disney experience and went to Kennedy Space Centre. This day felt long even though it wasn’t too bad because my room had been going to be late doing devious things. This was probably the most educational day but still incredibly amazing. Once we got back we had some free time at the resort to just hang out. Me and Louie and a samurai water duel rematch. It was a close fight but he was still not strong enough.
for out 7th and last day there we went to Hollywood studios which had the best ride I’ve ever been on: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. I can’t even describe how awesome it was. This was a good park to film for b roll as all of the displays where incredible. This was also a great day to end on before we left back for Vancouver.
at da mall
Animal Kingdom – Expedition Everest
(Front to back) random girl 1, random girl 2, Ines, Hannah, Cole DP, Gonzo (me)
kennedy space center – Saturn V – Max Louie
Hollywood Studios – Tower of Terror – too many people (I’m in da back left)

once we all got back from Florida we started to put the video together. We all had our individual voice overs to do while we sent the b roll to Zach who put it together and did an outstanding job on the final cut.

overall this is definitely a once in a lifetime experience and am super grateful I could experience this experience. Even though we didn’t do that much learning while on the trip I still learned a lot about Disney and how its not all just about the rides. There are much deeper meanings to things and different development, architectural and psychological techniques to draw in guests and enhance their experiences. It’s crazy to think how far down the Disney rabbit hole goes and it’s even crazier to think that we went down that hole. I learned a lot about Disney parks and Disney himself and again am very glad I got to go on this trip. Thank you again to the teachers

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