About me

What’s up everyone and welcome to my about me page. My name is Landon Gonzalez. I’m currently in grade 10, soon to be in grade 11 and I’m a student in the PLP program and Seycove Secondary School. PLP stands for Performance Learning Program which is essentially a program where we work using iPads and do a lot of projects involving making things through technology and even in person. Now this is my last year in PLP so there won’t be anymore blog posts coming but please feel free to rewind time and go look at my past or most recent projects 😁

Anyways this page is an about ME page not an about PLP page so here’s a little bit of info about me and who I am. I was born in California with my mom being American and dad being Chilean making me 50 50 of both. I’m into a lot of different things but a few of the main things are:

1. Music: I absolutely love music. I’m probably listening to music 75% of my day everyday, mostly listening to rap/hiphop. My absolute favourite artist ever of all time has to be Playboi Carti. I haven’t gone a day without listening to him since I discovered him. A few other artists I really enjoy include Ken Carson, Homixide Gang, Jid, Denzel Curry, Kendrick Lamar and Lil Uzi Vert.

2. Movies: this is kind of a combined one of movies and like pop culture as I’m a huge fan of both. I love movies ever since I was little and watch a lot of movies of pretty much all genres. Except rom coms. You’ll never catch me watching one of those. Anyways, I also love pop culture. You know, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Pokemon all that stuff. Huge nerd when it come to that stuff but it always has a place in my heart.

3. Fashion: I would say this is one of the newer things I’m into as I’ve really started to try and find my style of clothing and get more into clothing/shopping. I really love finding like outfits that look really good or clean and I want to peruse that further with fashion. Im also a sneaker head with 9 pairs of shoes I actually wear in my rotation them I have a few sports and beater pairs too. Im trying to get more invested in the sneaker game as well but man it’s expensive, but it’s a price I gotta play to look this good 🥱

Since it’s my final year in PLP I feel like it’s only right to pay homage to my teachers who have taught me all these amazing things while being in the program, allowing me to experience once in a life time things and teaching me how to use the iPad along with all the amazing apps and features it includes. Some of my favourite things I’ve learned to do throughout my time are being able to use Super Impose X, create fun and well put together movies and videos using iMovie, and being able to become more organized with using Craft and Things. Anyways, here’s a short little book I made to help show who I am and what I represent enjoy and thank you everyone for tagging along this PLP journey. See you later!