Becoming a PLP Learner

This is my first official PLP post. Here I’m going to find out

 who I’am as a PLP learner. I will be talking about other projects

 and assignments i’ve had.

During my time as a PLP learner I have discovered a few things 

about me. I’am fairly talkative when I get to know get to know 

someone. When I work on a group project, I realized that i have a 

surprising amount of ideas. Also when I’am working in a group I 

tend to my work done quicker and I get my wanted grade. 

When in aim working in groups I have realized that I work better in 

a focused and quiet group/environment. When my group is loud I 

tend not to get my wanted grade, my work is sloppy and I could do

a lot better on it, I also feel like I’am the only one who’s doing any 

work and I have to do more than I normally would. In elementary

 school i didn’t have to worry about this because we didn’t do much

 group work so Im not used to this being a problem.

Working on different assignment have showed me how much I put 

towards my goals. Like one goal i have is to be a pilot and I’ve been

 working on that since grade 4. 

These are the biggest things I’ve noticed so far on my PLP journey.

This is all for now bye