Radical renaissances

Hi this is an explanation about my triptych and what each panel is meant to represent and how they represent it and why I put them there.

Left Panel The new ideas from the renaissance changed by the renaissance world by clock for example they helped tell time easier than the sundials for example if there were still no clocks would we be on time or would we be late for school and/work. The printing press helped by spreading more knowledge more easily and more quickly by making more news and info in bulk. Medical innovations for first aid they would dissect people who had died and scientist would studied there bodies to get a better understanding of the human body/anatomy. Canter Panel The new ideas from the renaissance changed my world today by making it easier to tell time by making the digital clock based of the old clocks they made in the renaissance the also have alarms for you to wake up in time for school or work you can also set it to be a 24 hour clock. The iPad make things easier like making papers for your schools work instead of manually press down the ink on a printing press they can also play games, you can talk to friends on them and they have a lot more functions then a printing press. The ambulance symbolizes the new medical care we have today that make it a lot easier and quicker for people to get the care they need . Right Panel The traditional ideas that people had before the renaissance include the sundial to tell time but it had to face a Certain way to actually work. Instead of a printing press you hand to write by hand using a qu’il and ink and it took awhile and if you messed up you’d have to restart. Before people got a good understanding of the human body they used to drill holes in the side of the skull to relieve headaches and were potentially fatal.




Thank you for reading this and I hope you now understand why I made this triptych and why I put the things I did and what they mean. Thank you. THE END.

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