Student Blogging Challenge Week 3

Hello again! Sorry that I didn’t post right away on week 3. I was away with my class in Oregon for a field school. It was great fun and I will be sure to post about it in a later week! But anyway this weeks tasks are the following: how to avoid copyright, make an image and image task card.

Today I will be posting about how to avoid copyright. First I will tell you about what copyright is. Copyright is when you use someone else’s creation without their consent, for example you can be copyrighted for using a companies music in a YouTube video without the companies permission. An example of avoiding copyright is when a movie pays a company to use. One way to avoid copyright is by using the non copyright setting in the tool bar when you go into images. If you don’t ask for permission to use an image than the company can copyright strike you and sue you. This can be a big problem for people who don’t know about copyright.

in this part of the post I will post about an image that I have made using sketches pro.

The 3rd task that we were assigned was to use pictures that are copyright free to write the beginning of a story and then ask you to finish it in the comments (if you don’t know how to comment then look at my post) click here for that post

qimono / Pixabay 

One night you were getting ready to go to sleep when you heard a noise coming from the kitchen it sounded like someone fell, that was weird you exclaim as you walk cautiously down the stairs, this is your first night at this cabin and you are still figuring out the layout of the place you get down the stairs and you are about to walk into the kitchen when you think to yourself, “why don’t I get something to protect myself”. You remember that you brought all your hockey gear from your childhood cottage, you go into the garage and unpack some of the moving boxes, until you find a large mesh bag with wheels and a handle. You very carefully unzip the big pocket and look inside, “all the hockey gear is gone!” You mutter under your breath. There was only one thing left in your bag. A stick that was snapped in half. It was sharp and that would do a lot more damage than just a regular stick. But as you pick it up you hear another noise that sounded almost like a giggle. “Maybe my mind is just playing tricks on me.” You leave the garage and here footsteps running up the stairs, you chase them up and you see the door to a guest room slam. “Now that was not just my imagination.” You exclaim. You hear a faint humming sound from the room you brace yourself for what might happen next you reach for the door handle and twist and push what you see is…

that is all that I am going to write now it is your job to finish the story off leave your entries in the comments. That is all for now thank you for reading and goodbye.




My Comment using HTML

Hello again!

today I would like to share with you my experience with using HTML to post a comment. At my first attempt trying it I failed and the comment didn’t work at all and it was really embarrassing 😔. So then I tried again on a person named Adam From Australia! Which is a long way from where I live in Canada 🇨🇦. So that was pretty cool. But I think that I will never use HTML again because if I want something to be enthusiastic like how I use bold then I would just use uppercase letters or I would use the exclamation point. So I don’t see myself using it in the near future. But it was worth giving it a shot.

How To Comment

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