SBC Week 7


Today I was tasked to make a blog post about the holidays for the student blogging challenge. The two things I will be talking about or I will be making a poem about the holidays and I will share what holidays I celebrate 

Holiday Haiku

Santa is coming

Presents under the tree

Little kids jump with glee

The next thing I will be talking about is what holidays I celebrate and how I celebrate them. I will start with my favourite Holiday, Christmas! Christmas isn’t my favourite holiday because you get presents well not just because you get presents.I like Christmas because I was born and raised in a Christian family and we always go to church on Christmas Eve to learn and praise Jesus. I also like Christmas because you can get presents and you can have the rest your list and even if you don’t it’s always a surprise what you get under the tree. I also really like to see the looks on peoples faces when they open their presents. It makes me feel good inside if I was giving it and to see the look on the persons face who gave them the present. Usually at Christmas time me and my family start out by Opening our stockings And then using the stuff in our stockings. Then we have breakfast which is usually cinnamon buns. Then we open the presents under the tree one at a time. Then we have some time to play around with our presents and then we go to our grandparents house. My grandparents and my family usually talk for a while and we all have a snack and give them there presents, then we have dinner, and then see what presents are under the tree. All in all Christmas is a great time of year everybody is happy and smiling and everything has a discount. The one thing I don’t like is all the traffic

my second favourite holiday is Easter I like it because I can take items from my older brother and then I get to laugh as I watch him try to find the thing I hid. It allows. Me to get back at him for all the things that he does that are mean. It is usually fun to watch him look for stuff when I am always the one trying to find things that he took from me and then lost, like my earbuds. All in all Easter is great, it allows me to get back at my brother and I really like those egg chocolates that come out at that time of year.

That concludes my blog post for this week hopefully you have a wonderful Christmas the one thing that I am looking forward to is hopefully getting some parts for a PC that I am building for a discount. Tell me in the comments what Christmas presents you are wishing for thanks for listening.

2 thoughts on “SBC Week 7

  1. Hi Liam,

    I liked reading your haiku and learning about the holidays that are so meaningful to you. It sounds like you have a very special Christmas with your family. I hope you get some more computer parts for the computer that you are building. I have already received an early gift of a DNA kit from I am hoping to get the results back in time for Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

    Keep on blogging!
    Mrs. Bennett
    Ottawa, Ontario

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