Press Release Hippopotamus Party of Canada


Today I have a blog about a new political party for Canada made with a few of my peers: Keenan, Johnathan and Jordan.

The party we made was named the Hippopotamus Party of Canada. In our party we decided to pick a few issues that we saw in Canada’s current government, this way we could pick something we felt that needed our attention most and focus there. The main issue was the economy, the backbone of any country or nation. The next step was to go smaller as we needed one specific part of our economy that was heading in the wrong direction. Me and my group came to a consensus that this key issue was our housing crisis. The housing cost in Canada is at an all time high, with the cost of living being one of the highest in the world, ranking 21st highest cost of living  out of  110 countries worldwide. So me and my team decided this was our biggest issue and we started getting ideas for how we could lower the housing price. After we were done our brainstorming it was time to share our idea with all of you, which is found in our press release at the top of this post.

I think my team did well, with coming up with ideas for what Canada as a nation is lacking and what we can do to fix our problems. I think that my team could have improved with having more of a organized press release. I think my strengths throughout this press release were with my communication of ideas to my team and my ability to expand on others ideas.