Canada’s Crazy Condo Cost

Shore to The Core was my most recent project in my PLP class. This project was very local to me because it was all about Canada and specifically Deep Cove, this project focused mainly on the start of Deep Cove. For this project I focused on the housing economy which is a big part of Vancouver today being one of the most expensive places to live on the planet. 

now what was the point of this project. In this project we had to write a essay about our topic for a company called MONOVA which would publish our essays on there website. This is a cool experience because I have never really had something that I have written on a website as big as MONOVA’s. Here is what my essay for MONOVA looks like. 

But now lets get to answering the driving question which is “what makes something historically significant?” I believe that in order for something to be historically significant, it has to effect people at the time and in the future and cannot be ignored when looking at somethings history.