mPOL 2019

Humanities 8: In Humanities I’ve learned a lot about my personal worldviews, religious worldviews, and advertising. Firstly I started the year by looking at different advertisements and analyzing different techniques used by advertisers. After we learned about what goes into making an advertisement and how to make one ourselves. To learn more, we made our own advertisements, in doing this we made groups and in those groups we found a buissness to interview and make a print ad about.



Doing this assignment was quite educational because we learned a lot about how to take advice well and improve from others critique. Having this mindset is really helpful in PLP and I’m happy to say I’ve improved a lot from just this one project. This way of learning was actually so great that we did the same asignment later while we were on our Oregon field study (which I have another blog post about).


When we made print ads for the second time it might’ve actually been better because we had such a short deadline and with a different group making it more challenging. I also did another blog post about this explaining the proccess a little more.


Worldviews and religious worldview:

Worldviews have beeen an ongoing theme for this year and I’ve learned about 6 different religions and I’ve learned what my worldview is. I’ve done a few blog posts showing my learning about this subject, which are… religious worldview and the Winter Exhibition

My Worldview

Overall I believe from the start of the year till now I’ve been doing quite well in humanities and I’ve improved a lot on my work too.

Maker 8:

In Maker 8 we’ve learned a lot about the more fine arts side of PLP, where we learned how to MAKE photos and not just take them. We also learned how to use photoshop and make sketch notes, shown in this photoshop that I made.

I think I’ve been doing pretty well in Maker so far and I’m looking forward to Distination Imagination.

Scimatics 8:

So far this year in Scimatics I’ve been interested by all that we’ve learned about so far but I feel I could do much better. I’ve learned about plate tectonics. Whilst I was in Oregon it actually showed quite a bit and it was interesting seeing all these affects and knowing why that’s happened and how it causes earthquakes and tsunamis. Ive also learned about different types of tsunamis and that different wave lengths of earthquake and how some buildings are not as resistant toward these kinds of natural disasters.

In Scimatics, on the math side we’ve learned about dividing fractions and the order of operations. Which I think I have improving to do on that and I will start practising more on.

just recently we’ve also started learning about cells and bacteria. Including the decomposition proccess.

PGP 8:

In the Personal Growth Program I’ve learned how to work better by blocking my day and learning how to stay more organized. More recently I also learned how how to set goals and achieve them by following the book called What Do You Really Want By Beverly K. We havent really a lot in PGP yet but I will try my best and see where that takes me.



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