Destination Imagination Provincials

Hello! As you might already know I was participating in Destination Imagination. If you want to know more about this go to my other post about Regionals. Most recently my group has just finished with Provincials which was a blast!

The people who were in my group are… Ben, Alex, Matthew, Emily SL, and Holly


Provincials took place at Collingwood and it was really cool! It was a huge private school and there were so many people! They had delicious cafeteria food and a really big field.


Anyways back to the competition part. My group was in the Engineering which required us to make a lightweight structure that will trigger a special effect partway through our story with a sudden appearance of a monster partway through.

Before Provincials we had done a lot of analyzing and trying to figure how to improve from our performance at regionals. From all the revisions that we did we noticed that our second team choice element didn’t score very many points because of this we completely changed that part and made a mural which was also replacing the previous backdrop. Another part we changed was the script

DI Script -271u16p

In doing this we almost changed the whole story, but I think we made it much better.

After all that and many more changes here is my groups presentation.


Overall DI has been a great experience and I’ve learned so much from it.

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