Take Your Kid To Work Day




Recently I got the chance to go to my moms work for a day. This was a part of the Take Your Kid To Work Day. For me this was a very stressful but fun learning opportunity. This was due to the fact that we had a task to do while we were there.

The task we had was making a video. Before we went we made a planning sheet were we had to think of potential interview questions and a video layout.

In this screenshot you can see the questions I asked in my interviews

While I was there my main focus were getting tons of good footage and getting good interviews. I think I did quite well in this and I ended up getting 3 interviews done and just enough footage. I would’ve hoped for more but that did really happen.


If you would like to see the three interviews here they are completely unedited.

(The second person I interviewed politely asked to not be filmed)



Since I had almost my whole video planned out I was able to get certain photos and videos that I was imagining. Two of them that I really like is the time lapse of me driving to stations square (my mom was the one actually driving). My second shot was the video from the very top of the building and to my surprise I found that every floor of the building looked different so I got many great shots of that too. Another thing I was quite happy to get were some of the photos in my moms work building. Along the walls there were many quotes and what their work ethic is. I got the chance to get a photo for most of them but some included unkind words or I just didn’t get a chance to photo them. That being said the ones I were able to capture I think are great and I really like what they value.

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