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Learning about history in school is quite boring for some. I am one of those people. This quite strangely wasn’t the case for when we learned about the revolutions in our humanities class.


If you’re wondering why I enjoyed this so much you’re in the right place. Maybe….Well….. It depends on how well I explain it.



Going into this project I really didn’t know much about any of the revolutions that we learned about. I’m also quite happy I didn’t know much about them because I had a very open mind about each of the revolutions. There was no bias towards any of the revolutions and this left me with the ideal learning experience. It also left me with a lot of things to work on and this is what I am to talk about in this post.


As you can see from the title of this post we made films about revolutions. We had about a week to learn about the revolution, plan, and make a video. If this sounds like not a lot of time given, that is because it wasn’t. This is also not a lot of time to reflect and improve for the next video we’d be making. Due to this, we learned about better work habits and how to get work done more efficiently.

I think by the end of the project it made me look at a different way to tackle big projects. It also is helping me with staying on top of all my work. I think this is something I improved on quite a bit throughout the whole project. By the time I got to the final video I think I worked really well and I used my time very well.

Another big thing that this project did for me was my ability to work as a team. I think at the start I tried to complete work for my group and communicate what needed to be done. After a lot of struggling I feel I’m doing much better at this and with my ability to complete tasks better I was making better work for my group.

Here are the videos I made with my group for each revolution. Here you can see the improvement of the product made and the struggles I had. If you want to look at their blog posts here is my group whom helped me complete all of these great videos.

Meg’s Blog

Asha’s Blog

Ally’s Blog



First Revolution Video:



Second Revolution Video:


Third Revolution Video:



Fourth And Final Revolution Video:



Circular Competencies,

Throughout this project we’ve been working on showing ou circular competencies. The competencies that we’ve been working on are Evidence, Cause and Consequence, and finally Creating and Extending Shared Understanding.




I hope you’ve enjoyed!
Please comment telling me what your favourite video was too!


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