Term 1 Reflection!🤔

I don’t really know how I should start this blog post so hello 👋. So far in my first term of grade nine I’ve learned so much. The reason I’m making this post is to reflect on all that I’ve learned………… so yeahhhhhh…..

As many of you probably know this year has been all about filmmaking. So far we have done about 10 films which is a lot. It is also a lot of learning and growth, which is what I will be reflecting on in this post.

If we were to go back to the start of the year there were two videos that we did which I found really helpful. I didn’t find these very difficult to make but it was great to brush off the cobwebs from last years video making skills.


The two videos that I’m talking about are the 4 shot film and the ghost town video. The reason I felt this way about these videos is because we had limited time to film everything that we needed. Now that I think back this was a good amount of time but when we were making them it didn’t feel like much time. The reason for this is because it was at the very start of the year and we were still thinking about the summer. This added a challenge to it because we hadn’t seen most of our friends in awhile and we or at least I forgot the process and effort it took to make a video. I think these two my skills as a computational thinker as we had many problem come up including everyone learning how to work in a group again. We also made a plan and storyboard for both of these videos, in doing this we came across many problems.

Another video we made also in the Alberta trip was when we were at the royal tyrell museum. We were asked to make a short informative video about something we found in the museum. The reason this was such a challenge was because we had no planning beforehand and very little time to film and edit the whole video. One hour in fact and in this hour I had to utilize many competencies to get this done. The competencies that I think I showed the most in making this are my skills in being a computational thinker (again) and creative communicator. The reason I think I am a creative communicator is because we had to convey information to the viewer and I chose to show mine creatively to keep the viewer entertained. Similar to the other two videos I think I showed my computational thinking skills through my problem solving.

After our Alberta trip we made a video about our experience there. I also made two blog posts about this. Click here to see about my overall experience there. Click here to read about how I continued my learning throughout the trip. The video we made for this was very well planned…. or at least it should’ve been. This is something I feel like I could’ve done much better on. Although this isn’t the pest product I could’ve made it taught me that I should use the time I get especially when it’s a big video about a week long school trip. If we’re focusing on the competencies though I think this video has helped me quite a bit on them and I think one that stands out is Knowledge Constructor. Although I didn’t plan this very well I feel I was able to use what I had creatively and effectively. This also shows a bit of my computational thinking because I was able to problem solve and change my video accordingly.


After that we worked on making a carbon copy of a video. This project was called Running A Remake. I also did a post about this which you can see here. The competency used in making this video was showing my skills as an Empowered Learner. The reason I think this shows this is because we made multiple drafts of the video. Due to this we had time to revise and make a better video. One part of this revision was finding creative ways to solve problems and i think because of our creative solutions we were able to make a better end product.

More recently we had just worked on and finished a unit on revolutions. In this project we made 4 videos which only meant one thing, and that was learning. I also made a blog post about this project which you can see here. The way this worked is we got about a week or a little over and we had to make an informative video about the revolution that we learning about. This seems oddly familiar to the definition of a Knowledge Constructor too. Since we had 4 videos this meant I got many chances to work on this competency and in the end I think I fully understand this competency and I know how to show it. 

Finally we are at the final video we made so far. This video is the Take Your Kid To Work Day video. I know this is surprising but I actually did a post on this too! If you want to view it click here. This was probably the most terrifying video I’ve had to make so far. My reason for saying this is because I knew I only had that day to get all the footage I needed, I also knew I couldn’t just become a hermit crab and I actually had to meet and talk to people. Thankfully for me this wasn’t that bad and everyone there was really nice. I’m also happy to say I completed my video and learned a lot from that too. I think this shows me being an empowered learner because I had some small goals that I had set for myself and I’m happy to say I completed them. I feel I am much better at making a video now and I’m also less nervous when interviewing someone

Overall I think this term has been one of the best ever with all of the great learning opportunities PLP has given me. I also feel I’ve grown quite a bit as a person.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you’ve enjoyed!










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