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As you probably already know term one this year has been all about video making. From the very start of the term we started learning about the basics and have made many videos since. 

Recently we were asked to make our final video showcasing all the skills we’ve learned in making all these videos. The topic we got for the video was a Live Event. We got the freedom to go to any live event and document what it was for and what was important about it.

As you probably already know I love mountain biking, so I wanted to have something related to that. I also got quite lucky on this as I have a friend who’s doing something that fit perfectly for this video. With that being said here’s the video I made at that biking event.



My Competencies, 

Empowered learner

I think I showed this competency well by showing my improvement in camera angles, smoother editing, and organization when making a video.

Creative communicator

I used many tools to create the video that I had, some of these tools were just ones that we had given to us like slo motions to make the video more interesting and some were more complicated like having to organize the interview for this video.

Navigate Ideas 

When making this video I took a few creative risks that were a little different and unique to others. The camera angles is one good example of this as I was choosing creative angles and other photography tricks. Another good example this is the audio in this video as I had problem with that in the past. What I did for this project was to use different microphones to test which one worked the best.

Overall I believe this video was a great way to show my learning and I believe it shows my problems and how I’ve overcame them after all the videos that we’ve made.

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