Welcome back to my blog! It’s been quite awhile since I last wrote a blog post so I apologize if this is a little unorganized, I’ll figure it out eventually. At the moment you might be wondering why I’m writing a blog post. Believe it or not school has actually started back up and in this post I will be talking about our first project back from the longest summer ever.

Over however many months it’s been since the world was normal you might’ve noticed yourself changing. You’ve probably changed your daily routine and in doing so you’ve also been changing your interests too. Personally I’ve been much more interested in mountain biking than I was before and I treat it like it’s apart of who I am. As apart of our first project this year we’ve been focusing in on this and have been looking further into who we are and what identity means.
For our first assignment we discussed what identity meant. Without the ability to look at a dictionary we came up with a MEGA DEFINITION. This was a combination of all of our brains to make our own definition.

MEGA Definition:

The combined representation of the key attributes and traits of a person or individual. 


After some more assignments which further refined our definition we made a gif which shows what makes our identities. While we were making this gif we learned a artistic skill. A new skill that we learned was double exposure art. This was something I had never heard of before but after googling it I found that it was actually really cool and it let my creative side shine as I could personalize mine quite a bit. We also got to revisit a skill we’ve used before which was animating with keynote. I was surprised by bad I had become at this since last year but after messing around with keynote for a bit I made something which I think is sort of an animation.
So now that we’re done with our first little project I’m looking forward to see what’s in store next. I really enjoyed this one because I got to show some creativity and I’m hoping to see similar projects in the future. 👋

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