Weekly Post #2

Welcome back to my blog! A week has gone by since I last posted so that means another weekly blog post. If you remember last weeks POST, you would know that I got lazy and didn’t talk about the new project. Just like I promised I will be talking about that today.

Last week I mentioned that we had only learned about what our project was going to be. Through this week we finished that and started with the first few milestones. 

We also chose who we believe is the greatest Canadian. My choice was Steve Smith, a Canadian downhill mountain biker who changed the sport of mountain biking and inspired many worldwide. He was born and raised in Nanaimo and rode Mt. Prevost as his primary source of training throughout his career. The reason I know all this is because of our milestones for this project. Throughout this whole week we’ve been doing plenty of note taking and research. 

Hockley Notes

In our last project we learned that everyone takes notes differently and we tried to find what our way was. We tried taking some notes using the standard format and in this new project we’ve taken plenty of notes. About five pages of notes and with all of this I think my biggest learning throughout this week was my way of taking notes. I tried making a mind map and found that I can stay more organized if I just write my notes in point form. Next week I want to try some mind maps and more creative ways of taking notes to find what works best for me. 

If you want to keep hearing about this project then I guess you will have to wait for next week! Bye👋

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