Weekly blog post #3


Wow it feels like I just finished writing lasts weeks post but apparently a week has gone by since and that means a week of learning has happened so let’s talk about that. Looking back on what we’ve done this week makes it seem like we didn’t actually get much done. We only really did two things for our podcast but those two things were quite substantial.

The first was our entire script! Yes I know this seems like a lot of work and it was. Just like our last project we used the charette protocol for our peer feedback on our rough draft and after that we made our final script. The reason I’m not giving much detail about this step is because we’ve done this before and if you would like to hear more then you can checkout my trailer post.

Interviewing is something that we’ve done plenty of but I haven’t talked about it much and our second big task of this week was doing an interview for our podcast. The first step we take is finding an interviewee. My interviewee was Geoff Gulevich! He’s a professional free ride mountain biker and was friends with Steve Smith so he was the perfect interviewee for this project. After we found our interviewee our next step is to do more research about that person. If this step is skipped then chances are you’ll ask a pretty dumb question. If you ask a really dumb question then your interviewee could possibly feel disrespected. Once you’ve done your research then you can move onto making your questions. It’s good to have some general questions in which you could built off of. After doing my interview this week i found that this was one of my weaknesses. I have a hard time improvising and so I’m trying to put myself in these sort of situations more often. I’ve made my script  with just some notes and key words for this exact purpose. Hopefully by the end of this project I’ll be much better at improvising. Some other questions you might want to make are general questions so you interviewee doesn’t have to use their brain so much. If you spend most of your time asking very complicated questions then they’ll go out of the interview with a headache so it’s good to balance out your questions. Finally once you’re doing the interview, relax and have fun. If you’re uptight and stressed then the interview won’t go so well and you’ll end up not liking interviewing. At times I found myself getting like this in some interviews but I feel like I did much better on that in this interview. So for me this week I had learned a lot and I’m looking forward to finally recording my podcast next week. Bye 👋

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