Weekly post #4

Another week done and that means another reflection post! This week has been quite hectic. If you’ve seen my post from last week, then you might know why. If not, I guess I’ll just tell you. Well we had to make our podcasts this week and it took quite awhile. Although there’s plenty that I could tell you about it, most of the podcast creation was just me getting angry and GarageBand crashing as I tried to edit my audio.

Although there was a lot of frustration some which helped me was this video about ‘mixing’ audio. What this means is essentially just fixing and balancing any audio problems. Throughout this project and the last we’ve done plenty of research about getting good audio but this video I feel was the most useful for me. In my podcast I have an interview but the audio from that didn’t sound so good. Using this video I was able to improve my audio and I’m hoping after some more practice I’ll be able to make the audio perfect. 

That’s about it for this week so I guess you have more waiting to do until I post about the next project. Bye 👋

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