Weekly Post #5

Wow this week went by fast. So fast that I almost can’t remember what I did this week. What I do remember was stressing about my podcast, Remembrance Day, and that’s about it. Anyway why don’t we talk about what I do remember. 

As I mentioned Remembrance Day was this week and due to COVID it was quite different this year. This year we stayed in our classrooms and watched a video that was put together. This is when ai noticed and the videography skills that I’ve acquired in my time in PLP as i was critiquing the video in my head the whole time it was playing. I noticed that most of the shots taken were over exposed but thankfully it didn’t distract me enough to enjoy the video and remember the soldiers who fought for Canada.

Moving on to the stressful podcast creation. This week we finally finished our podcasts and worked on sending them to our interviewee. One thing we spent some time doing was transcriptions for our podcast. This is when I had a huge realization that I was not applying one of the competencies for this project which was leveraging technology. When making my transcript I had typed out my whole script when I could’ve just used some software to do it for me. So this week I did some learning through my failures and it was a reminder to me to sometimes just used my brain and listen to what Ms Willemse always says which is “work smarter not harder”.

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