The Perfect Government

Hello and welcome back to my superior blog. I am now in grade 11 which means I should know how to start a blog creatively but I still choose to say “hello and welcome back”.

After $610,000,000 wasted, Canadians are yet to be happy with the leadership and governing in Canada. In my opinion Canadian politics are handled fairly well thanks to the the fact that we are a parliamentary democracy meaning every adult has a small voice in how the next 4 years will be. They get this voice by voting for the party that values what they like. A big problem with this system is that a large percentage of Canadians are often left dissatisfied with either the party that gets elected or how the prime minister and their party is resolving problems.

There are 5 very different types of government (many different within those 5) and this just goes to show that there is no perfect government. There are however some that are much better than the other but what would the perfect government look like? And how much of a say should citizens get in politics?

Monarchy: monarch is head of state for life or until they give up

Democracy: people have the authority to deliberate and decide legislation

Oligarchy: small number of people with power and oppressing the public

Authoritarianism: rejection of other ideas within strong central power

Totalitarianism: stops all other parties by overpowering

As you can see most of these types of government are all very similar giving citizens little to no power or a voice in what happens in the future. This isn’t how people want to live so most countries operate with some version of a democratic government. It almost seems like the perfect government as almost everyone get a say in how political problems are handled. If that’s the case then why are there still so many upset with how Canadian politics are right now? Surely it’s not just all the money wasted in the early election. As this happens every time there’s a new party elected.

So what would the perfect government look like. Well, as I’ve learned from DI and other big group projects. The key part of making any good decisions is a team of people with their own roles or jobs. To organize all that you need a leader who is great for making the final decision. Wait, this is really starting to sound like our government. What is the “perfect government” then. Leave a comment to let me know how you see the perfect government.

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