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Hello and welcome back to my blog. A normal blog post will usually mean it is the end of a  project and I go here to talk about what I learned to share it with you. However, this post is almost a part two to my last post where I try to figure out if Trudeau will finally use this extra time to finally take action or leave all his work unfinished. My last post left me wondering what I  would do if I led a political party and what would our platform look like? Since I lack the brain power to create an entire platform on my own, I worked with Meg, Alex O, Alex V, and Jordyn to create a platform of our own.  

When we first started I thought our beliefs would definitely put us very far left on the political spectrum as this is where many younger people tend to shift towards which sometimes becomes a concern as this can change the outcome of the elections. Although our group seemed to be all over the place with our beliefs and we didn’t seem too fr to one side although I feel as if we are still leaning to the left.

I also made it a goal of mine to improve on what Trudeau has done as my last post was all about his mistakes and more importantly focusing on all his unfinished or partially finished promises/goals. Which I made sure that our party values honesty and transparency to ensure we wouldn’t make the same mistakes that he’s been making and might continue to.

A reason I think he could be making all these plans without taking any action on them could be because lack of planning or budget which is why our party focuses on balancing the economy by changing our current healthcare system, taxing big companies, and universal basic income. 


Changing our current healthcare system is a very touchy subject but change is bound to happen soon as it is too expensive for the government to keep free health care. Not only that, we are also having a very hard time treating everyone within a reasonable time span. Many specialists will take years now to get to you and now with Covid-19 still making a huge impact on everything it makes our systems flaws shine through. I solution that has been brought up by the Conservative Party Of Canada is implementing a two tier system which got a lot of backlash and negativity. Having a two tier healthcare system has its pros and cons. Thankfully we wouldn’t be the first to do it. Having other countries like Ireland try it before us means we can learn from them and take all the others thoughts into consideration.


To balance the economy while trying to implement a two tier system. We’ve decided to give tariffs to big companies trying to sell their product or do business in Canada 


The final major thing we will do to balance the economy is starting a universal basic income (UBI) which was described very well by Alex V on her blog.


Being on different sides of the spectrum can be a good thing and is why I think our platform is unique and worth voting for. It’s a tough balance to not go too extreme and mess up the economy but after careful and well educated brainstorming our platform will force our economy to be more balanced and give more support to the working and middle class while ensuring the ultra rich and large corporate companies pay their fare share before doing business in Canada. 

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