Humanities Middle Ages Reflection


These past few months we have been working on learning more about the Middle Ages specifically the feudal system and the crusades. The driving question for this project was, how did the quest for power impact peoples lives in the Middle Ages? I made sure to explain myself and show evidence in my writing by getting some information from reliable websites. It was very interesting to learn more about what it was really like in the Middle Ages for different groups of people, and explore peoples different point of views on religion, and political views on society.


While learning about the Middle Ages we were asked to create a slideshow or a video in keynote to demonstrate our understanding of the significance of the feudal system and crusades. To prepare we created a draft of our plan and what we wanted to include. I think that it was much easier to make the slideshow with the plan, it was very effective and the whole process of making it went a lot faster. Making the drawings was also one of my favourite parts, it was nice to be able to draw how we interpreted it, rather than just taking images from online. We then worked together with classmates and were able to help each other correct and improve our slideshows. This system is pretty effective because you are able to get other peoples opinions on your work, on what should be changed and what shouldn’t. I found it interesting to explore different religions and how they were born. Some things that could have been improved is the time that I spent and how I spread it out, I could have been more efficient with spreading out the work and making sure I had all details included.

What I learned

Throughout the past few weeks we have been taught about where different religions came from, what they where, how the feudal system worked and what the

 crusades where. I was really interested in learning about how Islam and Christianity came from Judaism, and why Christians and Muslims where fighting. This project was pretty important because it was teaching kids about the past and how religions around the world were effected by these historical events.