Small but mighty Reflection🧬

I had a lot of fun throuout the process of this science project. This project really pushed me to look at the Covid-19 pandemic differently, and take a deeper dive into the immune system and its purpose. The learning we did was quite fun because we were able to create our own immune system characters, while using the information we gathered. The second part of this project was to create an informational poster about myths about the vaccine. My partner and I created a poster about tracking devices injected into the vaccine. This was trial and error because we were both new to the app Canva. The final part of this project was to create a poster for elementary schools in our district. This was my favourite part of this project. I got more comfortable with the app Canva, and was able to experiment with different tools, and drawings. Overall, I found this project very interesting and engaging.


My Travelogue Reflection!

While making my travelogue I found it interesting to learn more about explorers and their stories. I chose Christopher Columbus because I was curious about who had actually discovered America. This process of putting our travelogue together was fairly quick, but the learning behind took more time. We learned about different explorers their accomplishments, and how they have had an impact on colonization. I had fun creating my story and then putting it into a book creator. My favourite part of this project was the art. I drew Christopher columbus’s ship, a compass, celestial navigation, and a collage. I got to display his journey through images, and explore different apps through this process. To improve my project I did peer critique with my classmates and got helpful feedback. Overall I found this project very interesting and intriguing.


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