Skateboarding-Geek Out Challenge

Skateboarding- Why it Matters to me

Skateboarding! The best sport ever invented. I started skateboarding a couple years ago and quickly picked it up. When I first started it was more of a hobby but now it is more of a sport to me. I really enjoy challenging myself to learn new tricks and spend hours practicing. It has become one of my most favourite things and I love that I can share that with my friend. My friend and I love to skate together and it is fun to learn and become better at skateboarding together. When I’m practicing lots and then finally land a trick is the best feeling ever. I  feel accomplished and proud that you were able to succeed at a goal. I am pretty passionate about skateboarding it has become a big part of my life and it has really helped me explore my many interests and help me express myself through different ways and I hope to continue skating lots.  

How I got Into Skateboarding

It first started around my 4th birthday I was given my very first skateboard. It was a small green board that my parents bought me, along with some Barbie knee pads and elbow pads. That board lasted quite along time until it got ran over by a car. I was annoyed but I knew that soon there would be another one. Not long after I got my first real board it was pink and much bigger. I spent hours in my garage skateboarding and practicing tricks, and couldn’t wait to land new ones. Whenever I was walking on super flat pavement or walked by someone else with a skateboard I always wished I had a skateboard too and got jealous. Now I am able to skate with friends and use this as an outlet of expression. I absolutely love the feeling of speeding super fast it feels like I am flying. I can’t wait to keep skating and learn new things as I progress. 




Geek out challenge reflection

While creating my geek out post I was able to learn more about my self and my interests. I learned how much skateboarding means to me and that I want to keep skating through out my life. I really enjoyed writing about skateboarding and sharing my experiences. This blogging process went pretty well and I hope to keep posting on my blog and sharing my learning with you. I really enjoy writing about my passions it makes me want to go outside and start skateboarding. When it comes to posting I want to add more writing and add lots of detail to tell a good story. The hardest part of this blogging challenge was choosing what to write about, there is so much to skateboarding that it was hard to choose I love to spend time skateboarding and it was really interesting to put together all of my progress and look at this journey from the beginning. I want to continue posting about my interests and learning on my blog to share my process of reflection and thinking.