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With Maker coming to an end, we didn’t have enough time to start another project, so we did something fun. Building rollercoasters! It was really similar to some STEM projects that I’ve done before. No driving question this time. This was a group thingy, and my group was pretty good. There was Brooke, Keaton, and me. 

Back story

A little back story came with it. We are engineers that are designing a brand ew rollercoaster for an amusement park called The Scream-a-rama. There are 11 groups competing in a contest, and the CEOs of the park will judge and decide which one was the best. With a limited budget of just $1,000,000, the track being judge on points, and limited supplies, this was going to be a challenge. 


The points work by the design and type of thrill. A loop and corkscrew are each worth 5 points. Each full circle in a spiral is 4 points, a hill worth 3 points, and a turn worth 1. If the marble, representing the car, makes it to the end successfully and safely, you would get 10 points.

We don’t know how many points we got, but we do know that we did not win or get on the podium.


we only had five available supplies. Toilet paper rolls, toothpicks, tape, scissors, and a marble. Each supplies had a cost. Toilet paper rolls were

There wasn’t a lot of time to do this, only a few days. We thought that there would be a whole week to do this, but no. Our rollercoaster name is Cardboard Carriage. Keaton came up with it.

Presenting Time!

It didn’t go well. The Cardboard Carriage fell about at the last moment, and because there wasn’t a lot of time, we weren’t able to build the track that we planed.

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