MPOL #1(scary)

It’s time for MPOLs.

It’s my first Mpol, and I’m really nervous about it. This is the pol declaration that we have to say every time before we start our presentations: Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner

My Learning Goal

In my learning plan, I wrote that my goal for this school year is to hand in most of my work on time. Most of my works are handed in on time, and I have to admit, it’s better than I thought. But I want to do better than that. I want to have almost every work handed in on time, like the maximin of work that could be late is 5.

Now, this is a pretty hard goal for me, because I get distracted easily and I often think ahead about my work. When I do that, I think of how much work I have to do, and that always discourages me. Then I would just start playing games or watch YouTube on my iPad. I would do that for the whole time that I have. This happens very often, so I don’t get much done at home.


At the start of the year, we did a few film making projects. Pretty much the entire maker 9 was used on this. The first film video was the final product and the one to present during the Winter Exhibition of 2022. This was done like, around the middle of the semester. My video was late and it wasn’t that good either. I have this whole plan to add voice over at the beginning and end of the video to further explain things. I had gathered all the background footages, but I ran out of time to add those.

Well, not really. I did have time to do it, but I felt very nervous about doing the voice overs with people around. I don’t know why though. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid of what other might think. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of stupid of me. I wasted my time on stressing about what other might think, but I never even tried to do it.

I haven’t really made growth this year as a learner. When we were doing the stop motion videos, I wanted to recreate a film trailer that’s about 1 minute long. The requirement for the length of the video was only 30 seconds. It took longer than I expected, so it was late. The thing is, I didn’t have to do that video. I could have chosen an easier and shorter one. This wasn’t even worth any marks.


I did pretty good in humanities. On the first project, the only thing that was late was my blog post. The second project was also not bad, most of it was handed in on time. I’m pretty proud of the humanities work. But then things took a bad turn in the final project of the semester.

The project of slam poetry was very fast paced, because we only have 3 weeks left. Things moved too fast for me to handle, so all my work in this project was late. I don’t really blame myself though. It was hard to keep up, but I did manage to get good marks.


On the first keystone of science, I handed it in late. It was an interactive food web that was done on scratch. I’ve experience with coding before, so I thought to myself, “ This is going to be easy”. I was finished with the food web pretty fast, and I saw that I had more time, so I added a little game with it. I was able to get a good mark, but still, it was late.

Like I said before, I haven’t really made any growth as a learner this year yet. Take for example, the first keystone of the last project of science. I spent way too much time on the design and background. Those weren’t even what this keystone was graded on. It was graded on the information. That was the important part, but I used my time doing the background instead.

Another this is that I sometimes over estimate just how much time I actually have. This is seen in my science blog post for the last project.

What Can I Do To Reach My Goal?

I have noticed that there are different reasons why I wasn’t able to made deadline. Let me list it here.

Reason #1: I think of how much work I have to do and it makes me discouraged. Then I won’t want to do any work.

Reason #2: I make my work look really nice and spend way too much time doing that.

Reason #3: I overestimate how much time I really have to complete my work, so then I say to  do it the next day.

Reason #4: I am camera shy, but this one only applies to video making works.

Here are some ways in which I can achieve this goal.

1. Try not think ahead and just do what ever I have. If I do think of it, then I should suck it up and do it one by one.

2. Get the important informations or things in first. After I’m done with that, I can make the design and background that can be done within the remaining time.

3. Don’t estimate how much time I have. If there is time to do work do it. Get it done as soon as possible.

4. Don’t think about what other might think of me. They won’t think of anything bad about me. Use positive self talk.

This goal isn’t just about handing in work on time. I know that handing in work late may not affect my marks in high school, but it sure will when I get into university. That’s why I want to achieve this goal. It would really help me in the future.

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