swift playground thoughts

For the past few feeks  we’ve been using the app swift playground, which got released in ios 10. Swift play grounds is an app that teaches you how to code, while having fun. In this blog post I will be sharing my thoughts on this app and a video of me going through a level.

Coding has been interesting, challenging and a little bit confusing. I can also say it’s been fun, but in small proportions. Having to do 6-10 levels in one night can be overwhelming but when we only are assigned 1-3 they can be fun. Ones that are more intricate can be very hard, an example of one that was hard was the last one we were assigned, “four stash sweep.” It was hard because we had to use one of those fancy coding functions, and I ran into a lot of bugs I created.  Something I really like about this app, is that it teaches me and shows me  how apps, websites, social media’s (etc) work  behind the scenes. My thoughts of the app so far is that it is fun, while being challenging and teaching you things.

The only thing I would change about the app is that, while the app is about coding which is a subject for maybe 10 plus, the design of the characters and map looks quite childish. Not saying that is a bad thing, it’s just that people who aren’t kids may think it’s a kid app may avoid it.

Here is a reflection I wrote last week on how I felt about swift playgrounds and coding.


Swift playgrounds has so far been pretty fun, its tot me to basics of coding that will be very helpful as we progress in coding. The levels we’ve been doing have been pretty easy, but some of them were a little confusing at times. What I liked about it was it was fun, while teaching me how to code. What I would recommend to a coder who wants to prevent bugs is to go over there code before using it. This will save you time because if you run your code and there’s a bug in it, it can take a while to find the bud and fix it. Reading through your code and fixing it before will overall speed up the process of coding.

Now finally here is a video of me explainging how I created a code.

coding video

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