growing your mindset?

Growth mindsets have been something we’ve been learning about this year. Its a helpful thing to learn because it’s something you don’t think about, but once you do it makes life better. There’s two mindsets, fixed and growth. “I’m not a math person, I’m just not good at it.” Is fixed. “I’m having a some trouble with math right now, but if I work hard I can get better.” Is growth. A person who has a growth mindset knows you can become better at any thing, If you try hard. Obviously your going to have fixed mindset thoughts, its just how were used to thinking. But how to fix it is replacing a fixed thought with a growth thought. With knowing about these mindsets, Ive become more aware about what I think. Its helped with not giving up, if that makes any sense.

rough drafts

The past week or so we’ve been working on creating a poster, that has a picture of us and something we want to become better at. Mines still in the works because I cant find a perfect picture yet, but I’m planning on it saying “I strive to handle stress better by managing my homework better, and getting it done so the stress doesn’t drag on.” (I will add the final product it once it’s done, but for now I will show my drafts.)
I chose that because I find myself being stressed about something I need to get done, and once I finally do it it’s usually the night before I have to hand in. My work could be even better than it is, if I did it before the due date, so I could revise it again before I hand in. But hey, I’ve taken my goal seriously! This blog post is due on Friday but im doing it on Wednesday woohoo! Just to let you know, it feels good to get it done. Anyways, My first draft I made before I revised it is, “I strive to become better under pressure, and let go of the stress about the situation beforehand” but I thought about it, and I am actually
pretty good under pressure. Having to create something like this really made me think about what I want to work on.

some drafts/final products of my ads

All of grade 8 I’ve created work I’m proud of. Ive become a stronger writer, learnt how to create ads, and an actual project example is the winter exhibition. The part I’m super proud of is not the project itself, its the journey I had to get there. I failed so many times and didn’t give up. I came up with new ideas, and then created them. Im also proud of myself just overall so far in grade 8. I was going into grade eight not knowing what to expect, and I think I’m doing pretty good so far. I do my homework, I focus in class, Ive made new friends, joined the volleyball team, and have created pretty cool work.

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