Is it ok to be wrong?

What Ive learned in Scimatics this year is that there’s rightness to being wrong. Being wrong teaches you how to be right, if that makes any sense. How I learned that, was through the many projects we’ve learnt, like the door project, Minecraft architecture project, and the one were currently working on. However, before the projects (and a little bit now) I’ve had trouble using this way of thinking. All of elementary school is it was, a lesson with the teacher, a lot of textbook work then a test. So coming into high school and PLP, it was a dramatic difference, that I’m almost fully use to.

Anyways, lets talk about the projects we’ve done. We did the door project were was we increased a doors surface area by 3 times. We had to create shapes, make nets and then put them together. But no it wasn’t that easy, we had a lot of redos and fails. I was in a group with Maggie and Jessie and the whole project taught me a lot about how you can’t give up after you fail, many, many times. Next, the Minecraft project. We had to create a earths quake proof building with a culture’s themed architecture. This one taught me, stay focused. Finally, the one were doing now. We’re going to be selling a product in Seycove, so that means were doing what surveys, data analyzing, tax, and marketing ways to sell the product. My group is planning on selling gum, because who doesn’t like to have gum with them? I’m looking foreword to seeing how this project ends up.

So. Yes, its ok to be wrong, and fail.

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