exploration discoveration

Why do people explore? Curiosity. A strong desire to know or learn something. Whats out there? What do we not know about the world? Before we knew what the world was like, and most things meanings, there were individuals that had curiosity. They would go out, search, fail, explore, fail, explore, and then maybe find something new and undiscovered. That’s the process, curiosity, exploring, failing then finding.

For this unit in humanities we have been focusing on exploration. To show our learning we were assigned the Comic Project. It was a short 1 week project, but taught me almost just as much as a longer one would. We were given an explorer to focus on, and the goal of the project was to show your explorers story from a crew members perspective. Me, Daniel, Kai and Lucas were given Henry Hudson.

#1 Research Henry Hudson .As a group we all researched and decided on a part of his exploration to focus on.

#2 Create storyline

#3 Split up storyline. I got the rising action, and focused on when he found Hudson Bay.

#4 Decide on a aesthetic for the comics. We actually skipped this step so everyones comics looked different, which we didn’t like and fixed later.

#5 Create comic. I used phonto, to create my first comic.

#6 Class critique. We had to print out our comics, and leave them on a table and critique others while ours were being critiqued. This was helpful because everything good and bad was pointed out. We also were getting inspiration from other groups comics.

#7 Revise. Daniel and Kai’s were the only two that looked similar, so I had to re format my whole comic in comic life and use the same font etc, as them.

#8 Put all comics together! 

This unit taught me a lot, about how there’s so much more than someone just randomly finding a bay of water, or a peice of land. Everything found, has a story.

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