How not to burn your school down

For science 9, we will be doing labs and hands on task. Knowing that, we need to know the safety aspects of labs so we don’t injure ourselves or burn down the school!! We had the task to create a video about getting to know the rules of lab safety. I was in a group with Adlih and Isy, and this was the first time we all had been in a group together and it ended up we work really well. We all wrote the script/storyline and planned scenes, then went to my house and filmed. The next day we all sat down and cut the clips to where we thought was good and then Isabelle went home and finished it. THEN she sent it to me and I did some final touches. So now I will stop babbling and let you watch the video.

I think we did a good job on showing the what to do and not to do of lab safety, but didn’t do a good job on the whole “Story” bit. Yeah, who thought a science video needed a story to be good?

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