Math math math

Recently in Math 9, we had to create a math card game. Something that had to have subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, and order of operations. As someone who isn’t a math whiz, I wanted to create a simple yet effective game. A game that helps you get better at fast thinking, which is something I am not the best at.

Here are the rules to my game: 2-6 people. Put the deck of cards in the middle of everyone. When its your turn, draw a card from the pile and quickly flip it face up in front of you. Make sure everyone can see it. If the symbol on your card matches one of your opponents symbols on there card (+−( )×÷) then you have to say the answer to the equation on there card before they say yours. Whoever says the answer to there opponents card first, gets that card. Put it in your win pile. Once the deck is all gone, the person with the most cards in there a win pile, wins.

Simple, right? I created the cards on Phonto and then templated them with 9 simile rectangle outlines. Next I printed them, and voila! Here are the cards.

I think this all turned out good, me, my classmates and teacher all thought it was a good way to get better at fast thinking. I liked this project because it was a fun way to get better at math.

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