Crane Brinton’s Life Story.

In Humanities we broke down the book written by Crane Brinton “The Anatomy of Revolution” into the 4 stages. Incubation, Moderate, Crisis, And recovery. The book compares revolutions, to a disease. Brintons definition of a revolution is “A drastic or sudden substitution of one group in charge of running of a territorial political entity by another.”

Anyways, why am I writing this blog post you ask? Miss Maxwell assigned the class to answer a question we have about Crane Brinton and his theory! Mine is “Did Crane Brintons life effect the reason why he wrote The Anatomy of Revolution” I chose this because I am interested if any certain event in his life, made him want to write this book.

Crane was born in Winsted, Connecticut. His family then moved to Springfield, Massachusetts where he grew up and attended public school.

Springfield Massachusetts In 1902

So, lets stop and think for a little bit. Do I think the fact public school made him want to write The Anatomy of Revolution? No. Lets move on.

After growing up and being a child, Crane applied to Harvard University, and he got in!

Harvard University

His excellent academic performance enabled him to win a Rhodes Scholarhsip to attend Oxford University.

A few year later he received a Doctor of Philosophy.

A degree of Philosophy

Woohoo crane! Now here is where I think his interest of thinking and breaking down subjects began. The whole book he wrote is him breaking down and re wording how revolutions work, which is basically what Philosophy is.

The next event in his life I think added to the reason he wrote the book is he began teaching at Harvard becoming a professor of Ancient and Modern History. This is where I think his interest in Revolutions sparked, as there’s ancient and modern revolutions.

Now here is where he wrote The Anatomy of Revolutions. Now for the answer of my question. I think his knowledge in Philosophy and Ancient and Modern history, very much were the reasons for why he wrote a book about the anatomy of revolutions.

Crane is definitely a very intelligent guy, and I had a fun time learning about the way he thinks.


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