Illest RoadTrip of all TIME

Welcome to the most interesting blog post I’ve ever done! My PLP math 9 Teacher assigned our class induvidual projects called “MTVs illest road trip of all time) where you have to plan a road trip and have 10 000 dollars to spend! This blog is going to breakdown each part of the road trip, lets go!

First, you need to know the following: The road trip is just me, its 7 days and I’m driving from New York to Nova Scotia. Ok now lets actually start.

PART 1 – Lodging and Food

I decided to be boujiee for this trip, as its just going to be me. I have lots of money to spend so I chose the most expensive hotels, food, and luggage. I will be spending my nights in 5 star hotels, eating 5 star food and my luggage will be in a Gucci bag. Yes, I know, very extra.

The equation that will show me how expensive it will be for the amount of days I am going is:
Y=700 x + 300

I used that equation to find that the Lodging and Food will cost me 5200$ for 7 days.

One of the hotels I will be staying in!
What the restaurants I will be eating in look like
What my luggage looks like

PART 2 – Route

Now the most important part! The route. As you can see in this picture, I am traveling from New York to Nova Scotia. The drive is overall 864 miles and 16 hours and 26 minutes. To get from New York to Nova Scotia I will be driving 2 hours and 30 minutes per day.

Now I’m going to show some pictures of the places I’m most excited to go to off the list.



I am looking forward to the final destination, Nova Scotia!
The Moncton Waterpark in New Brunswick!
Saint John, New Brunswick

PART 3 – Vehicle

I had the choice from some cars like a Honda Prius, but I chose the Lamborghini Murcielago! The MPG is 13, and I need 66 gallons of gas for the whole trip. That costs 184$ which is nothing compared to my luggage Gucci bag. Anyways, the math equation for how much its going to cost for how ever many days is..

Y= 160x + 184.

I will be spending 1304$ on car related things.


My Road-Trip car!


PART 4 – Calculating it all

I decided after all this math I was going to keep my trip 7 days even though I’m only spending 6504$. What am I going to do with the extra 3496$ you ask? Spend it at a Gucci store in the Moncton City Mall.

Gucci Store


PART 5 – Sponsorship

In this part, we have the choices of Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Snapple for sponsorships. After doing all the math I found that Coca Cola would give me 146$ in 7 days if I placed there product in my roadtrip. Coca Cola was the best offer as Pepsi was 130$ and Snapple is $ -74! Now I have an extra $ 146… hmmm.. more money to spend at the Gucci store!

The graph that showed me how much I could profit


Now that my road trip is planned, I’m ready to go! I ended up spending 6504$ on maditory costs, 3496$ on Gucci stuff, and I got 146$  from Coca Cola. Adding that all up, I will be spending 10 146 $. How exciting!

I really enjoyed this project. It was a good way to connect real life to school as one time in my life I will probably have to do this for a real trip! I got better at Algebra in this project as I had to practice it a bunch. Nova Scotia here I come!


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