Add the Fruit Together!

For this math term we learnt about LIKE TERMS & POLYNOMIALS! What are they you ask? Well, me and my friend Marshall made a Keynote/Video explaining that and our driving question. Our driving question was: 


To show you the keynote, I made it into a video because the keynote was made to present in front of the class. To make it, we started with discussing how to show the math in a simple yet effective way. We then wrote out all our ideas. One of my tasks was the drawing, so I drew everything you will see in the video. Once all the little things were done we put it together and ended up with this:

We wanted the video to be simple so you could easily understand it. We didnt use fancy words or long equations because we hoped that if someone who has no idea what like terms are, could watch the video and fully understand. This project also obviously taught me a lot about Like Terms & Polynomials.

Overall, I’m extremely proud of this project and I feel it explains Like Terms really well. We used creative thinking to come up the idea for  this project, and communication to actually make it.


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