Spring Exhibition 2018 – The Vital Case

Welcome to the annual PLP Spring Exhibition learning portfolio post! If you don’t know what that is, let me explain. We are basically given about a month to find a problem, and solve it. Let me break it down with something called the launch cycle!


A few months ago I was on a RoadTrip with my dad and he asked me to pass him all of his daily vitamins, and important pills. I grabbed his back pack and unloaded the 7 bottles of vitamins. I noticed this took a long time so I started asking questions.


“Why don’t you use one of those weekly vitamin holders?” I asked, as the whole process of taking the vitamins out of the bottle and then back into the bag was messy and took about 7 minutes. It also took up his whole entire backpack. He told me he’s tried those but they don’t really work for him as they is only space for a few vitamins a day at once. He has to take the vitamins and pills at different times of day, so the weekly thing doesn’t really do anything. I took this information and decided I wanted to make something to fix this problem.


So now that I had all these answers and questions, I have to organize them. What is the problem I want to fix? I want to make vitamin or prescription pill easier, and simpler to take. How am I going to do that? Well that’s the next step of the launch cycle…



Once I had all these ideas floating in my head, I decided I wanted to make a case holder for vitamins for someone who is on the go, and never in the same place. So I thought, what’s something portable and non forgettable I could attach the holder to?…. what’s something everyone always has on them?…. THERE PHONES! I also wanted to make a app/program that goes with  the app to remind and make the case set up easier. Lets make a prototype!



For this section, I’m going to show pictures of my 3 prototypes!

1st was a drawing, 2nd was a an actual prototype and 3rd was the revised version of 2.

Here are the pictures.


And prototype 3…

I made these by buying a thick plastic bag and heated up a Exacto knife and cut it to the size I wanted it, and binded together the plastic in the middle parts to make the pods.

The supplies for the protypes!
Making the 3rd prototype
Adding the vitamins!


 This  was a crucial step as even my 3rd prototype wasn’t the best it could be, so yes, I made a 4th prototype! I realized krazy gluing the plastic bag to the case was a bad idea so I replaced that with Velcro.

I also made the app! It looked something like this.

And here is my final prototype…

And then I made a poster board. My goal for it was to make it simple and intriguing.

At this point, I was super excited to present this at the PLP exhibition because I’m super happy with the final product.


I was put into the physical health section…

And here’s me at the exhibition ready to talk to some kids and adults!


Overall, I’m extremely happy with the final product, and the journey to it. Oh and this is my last blog of grade 9!!! See you next year!!!

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