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Hello! If you’re confused by the title, it means Love Simon. It’s the book I am reading, also known as Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda writen by Becky Athertalli. Our driving question for this unit is How do authors use text to teach us more about ourselves? So, to start investigating for the answer this question, we were all given novel study books.

I chose Love Simon as I love the plot of the story.  The story is told through the eyes of a teenage boy named Simon Spier who is a not so openly gay 16 year old. Its about love, confusion, friends, family, and embracing your true self no matter how hard it is. A quote from the book that I have seen on some of the many book covers is “Everyone deserves a great love story” which made me want to know Simon’s story even more.

Oh and I forgot to mention, there is a movie about this story! It came out in theatres about a few months ago and I went 2 times in 24 hours I loved it so much. So you might be thinking, why are you reading it if you have seen the movie? Well, because 1) I want to 2) I loved the story in the movie so… knowing I am going to be working with this book for around a month and I wanted to know I 100% enjoy it. Watch the trailer!

We divided the book up into around 6 sections and started by reading chapters 1-6. On Tuesday which is book club day, we were assigned to make a short video with 3 scenes introducing some of the characters and some of the storyline. My group Maggie, Tamara, Morgan, and Kai  filmed this in class and I edited it after school.

This activity was very fun but very stressful in the moment as we had around 50 minutes to make it. I can say that time went by really fast. Next time I will try not to laugh while speaking….

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