How to be Funny?

In maker 10 we have been focusing on refining our production of video making skills (storyboarding, editing, audio, angles, music, attention to detail, etc) and humor. We were first tasked with recreating an assigned video.  What do we get out of this you ask? Well, last year we focused on how to tell a story through a video, and this year we are refining our video production skills. Recreating a video is the perfect task to do as the story, shots, music, dialogue, etc are all already figured out. All we have to do is execute it as close to perfect as we can.

This is the video we were assigned to recreate.

My group was Emily and Luca O, and this is our recreated video.

We ended up with a product we are super proud of. In this task I was reminded that audio is a super important part of video making as if you have horrible audio, it ruins everything else you worked hard for. So, if I had to recreate my recreation video I would use mic.

Our next task was recreating a humor video of our choice. I found this video…

We made a story telling diagram, wrote down the dialogue, and made a storyboard before filming.

After all the preparation, we filmed and edited. Here is the final product.

My group and I were extremely happy with the outcome. I learnt from this video that attention to detail is SO IMPORTANT. We focused on the making the props identical to the ones in the original video and that is what makes the video so good. Here’s an example:

Emily sent me layouts of what I had to print and then I put it together. We used cardboard and plastic from a container of tomatoes. This is only one example out of the many props we made from scratch.

Moving on, our final humor video we had to make was this.

We were assigned to basically make a video that doesn’t really make much sense. Doesn’t have to have a storyline, cant be a comedy sketch, just make something funny. Isabelle, Adlih, and I decided to make this video. I learnt from making this that Adlih’s dog is a really good actor. No, I really learnt that it’s hard to make a funny video. It’s challenging to make something planned funny enough to make people laugh.

Making all these videos taught me so many things like what I mentioned, attention to detail and audio quality is important & it’s hard to make a funny video. I edited all 3 of those videos so I also became a better editor, learning new things like how to add black borders to a video, how to detach audio, and how to add filters (not on iMovie.) Besides the stress of making these videos, I enjoyed the process.

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