I became a environmentalst! Kind of..

For this project in SCIMATICS we did the math, designed and built a structure. Our Inquiry question that will guided our learning for the project was: how can we use trigonometry to optimize clean energy technologies?

The Project: make a model, digital or physical, of solar panels on a roof that are positioned to collect the most solar energy possible. My partner was Isy! We first had to research a location where solar panels could be used. We chose Reykjavik Iceland, and moved on the next step. Next we found out the angle of the sun’s rays for Reykjavik and time of year. We researched and found out the ideal angel is 26 degrees. Once we were done this we designed our house.

We decided to make a pink house with shingles on one side and a solar panel on the other side.

We did lots of trigonometry to get the numbers we used in this structure.

After finished all of this we created an instructional video for youtube that uses isy and I’s  model to teach icelandic people about the ideal angle for solar panels.

And to end off this blog here are the organized mind map I made about the basic of trig.


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