Edu Blog Challenge – Week 3

This weeks Edu Blog Challenge is to share some images I have taken! I will show 3 pictures and explain why I like them and how I edited them.


I took this photo during Spring Break in San Diego. I like this picture because of the light pastel colors, and the fact its a beach. I always end of taking pictures of people in places  because thats what I enjoy looking at most. I edited this pic on VSCO. The brightness is raised and I added some grain. I also cropped the picture, as this is only 1/3 of the full photo.


This photo here is taken in Florence Italy. My family and I were wandering around the streets and I decided to pull out my phone and take this photo. I like it because the coloring is soft and bright, while the setting is absolutely amazing. I added brightness, grain, and saturation. 


Last but not least, this photo from Hornby Island. I love this photo because the 2 people and dog are silhouettes. The background isn’t a crazy bright color, which helps the people and dog stand out. The photo is also perfectly centered, which I did in VSCO. I also lowered the brightness on this and added grain.


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