Edu Blogs Challenge – Week 4

This weeks Edu Blog Challenge is making a game with emojis! The game I decided to make was ”FIND THE EMOJIS!” This game as you can see below this text is a regular picture… But there are 11 emojis hidden in it… The first picture will have the picture with 11 hidden emojis and the second one is the answer key! Don’t cheat! Lets see if you can find all the emojis… It’s hard but I know you can do it! Feel free to zoom in as much as you want.


Found them all? If yes, scroll down to see answer key. DONT SCROLL DOWN IF NOT DONE LOOKING FOR THE EMOJIS!





(Hi empty space)






How many out of 11 did you find? Let me know in the comments! I hope you enjoyed this game. 😊

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