Luca Making Music?

Yes, it’s true. I have made a song. Although it may not be perfect (or close to perfect) I love it. Why you ask? Because its the first song in garage band I’ve made! When Ms Willemse introduced this project, I was a little confused as I was thinking, why is she making us make music that’s going to be bad anyways? I soon realized its harder to make a bad song on garage band than a good one. The app is formatted in a user friendly format, and there is plenty of help on the app if your confused. 

I started by creating a new project and chose the theme ELECTRO FUNK because, why not? Before I started making the song, I wanted to go for a 70s disco energy. I then started tapping a bunch of random buttons and soon got the hang of it. I listened to all the sounds and figured out what I liked, then practiced a bit. Once I was ready to record, I pressed record and tapped the same buttons I did while I was practicing. I then used the FX button to warp and filter the song which sounds pretty cool, and then listened through it a few times to make sure I was happy with it. In between all of this I did a lot of playing around with the app which was a lot of fun!

Looking back on this experaince, I will definitely start using garage band for future videos I make in PLP. It’s simple yet fun and sounds good yet is easy. I’m excited to play around with this app more in the future.

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