Edu Blog Challenge – Week 6

DHello blog! This weeks Edu Blog Challenge is all about… SCIENCE! I decided to write about 3 of the tasks we were given. Lets get started!

Task 1: What Are You Curious About?

First, I am going to talk about a scientific topic I am curious about. Freckles! My mom has freckles all over her, and because im her daughter I have freckles all over my face. Only on my face though. Why? How common are they?  These are things I’ve wondered for a while and I want to find answers! Lets get to researching.

Q: Why do I have freckles? 

A: People with paler skin and have less melanin has a chemical in there skin that protects it from sun damage! It does this by reflecting and absorbing ultraviolet UV rays. This causes freckles!

Q: How common are they?

A: 4% of the world has freckles!

Task 3: Video Prompts

Second, I am going to talk a video I find very interesting. This video taught me so much! I learnt we aren’t like Pokémon, we don’t just evolve for the end product. There is much more to it.

This video. shows that evolution isn’t just a thin chain, it is a wide and plentiful with many different living creatures. We evolved from fish! Wow, didn’t know that. The speaker in the video spoke very clear and well which helped me understand more. I cant believe he fit all of evolution in a 5 minute video!

Task 5: Two Truths And One Lie

Lastly, I am going to be testing your knowledge! It’s going to be about the video you just watched. Lets get started!

1. We evolved from monkeys and monkeys only.

2. We evolved from fish.

3. You can learn about evolution in under 5 minutes!

What one is the lie? Let me know what you think in the comment!


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